Creative-Class Bonafides Welcome Daily Show Exec Producer

According to The New York Observer, The Daily Show Executive Producer Steve Bodow has just bought a townhouse at 75 Henry St for $1.65 million, and not just for the quicker commute and easy access to Noodle Pudding. Author Chris Podowski uses this as proof that the cool kids have not packed up and left for Queens just yet:

[Bodow] and his wife Katherine Profeta-Bodow are planning to flee their home in Jackson Heights for a borough with better-established creative-class bonafides.

Ouch! Inside all those hyphenated phrases are some fightin’ words. While that creative X-factor still exists in the mythology of today’s Brooklyn, Podowski may be seeing the transaction solely from his own perspective, one he claims to share with the entire New York (ahem) Observer staff:

[W]e at The Observer remain skeptical about the cool quotient of a borough that will remain forever in our minds as the land of Frank and Estelle Costanza.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But as the Bodow family flees from the screaming Costanzas of Queens to the serenity of Brooklyn Heights, they may be trading home equity for a chance to rub elbows with local Truman Capotes; the photo caption accompanying the article describes their spanking-new townhouse as “the least cozy you’ll ever see.”

Photo: The New York Observer

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