New Video From Jehovah’s Witnesses Offers Glimpse Into Their Future Plans And DUMBO Deal With Jared Kushner

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have posted a video explaining their move from Brooklyn Heights to Warwick, New York. Also featured in the clip is real estate mogul Jared Kushner who purchased several Watchtower properties in DUMBO with an eye towards creating a hub for Brooklyn based tech companies.

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  • Alex

    “… they are as free to practice their religion as you are to criticize them, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. You sound like a real meanie!”~Heights Observer

    Oh but it’s ok for the Watchtower to publish hate and inaccuracies about every other faith?

  • Alex

    So the Watchtower representative is threatening an ‘invited member of the public’ with security (for wanting to record the talk like JW members do).
    Not too much different than governments of this world.

  • Alex

    False hope built on a sand foundation of religion:

    Interview of Lorelei Ritmiller, mother of Whitney Heichel,

  • CHeights

    I agree, I’m not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses either, but I’d rather share the sidewalks with them any day. It’ll be different around here if/when they move locations completely. They’ve been a clean, polite bunch of folks that if anything helped me than have been a burden. Yes, they’ve come to my door a few times, but even though I have different beliefs, I’m not rude to them, there’s no reason. Out of curiosity I toured one of the printing buildings Kushner bought about 8 years back, and the place was immaculate. I think he got a great buy and some pretty nice buildings.

  • Escaped

    the day they knocked on the door and my mother answered was the beginning of the ruining of my life. Mind control cult that taught my mother to treat me as though I was dead for leaving “god’s channel” after i moved out of my mothers house after 3 years of mental and physical abuse. I had 3 children she refused to know and blamed me. She’s dead now. Passed away in 2005 from cancer. They stole from me and my children the natural relationship that should happen between a mother and daughter. And it takes mind controll mentality to reject your own grandchildren

  • Escaped

    they are like white washed tombs full of dead mens bones. Too many people are decieved by outward appearances. You get to see the fraudulent outward facade. You dont have any clue what goes on behind closed doors. Many who try to escape find their only escape is suicide. Many JW adults and innocent children of JW’s have died due to their bogus “no blood transfusion” rule. Based on their totally twisting a bible scripture out of context to literally make taking a blood transfusion a “salvation” issue. Take a transfusion and have the audacity to survive…. you get disfellowshipped and again friends and family abandon you like a dirty diaper