NY Daily News Gripes About Joe Lhota’s Pierrepont Penthouse Tax Bill

Brooklyn Heights resident/GOP mayoral candidate Joe Lhota is getting a whole lotta guff from the NY Daily News about his lho property tax bill on his duplex at 35 Pierrepont Street. To be fair, they also are not fans of Democratic nom Bill DiBlasio’s tax bill in Park Slope either.

Call the waaaamublance folks, this is going to be a long campaign.

NY Post: In Brooklyn Heights, Lhota — a former Cablevision executive who also served as a deputy mayor under Rudy Giuliani — owns a penthouse duplex in an exclusive Pierrepont St. co-op where apartments go for $1.7 million.
For the past 14 years, Lhota and his fellow co-op owners have seen their tax bills cut dramatically under a state tax abatement program called J-51 that is meant to encourage affordable housing.

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  • HenryLoL

    It aint so hot — looked at the apartment next to Giamatti (before he moved) there. It’s a bit of a fixer and most of the apartments need gut-renovations.

  • wally haskell

    Affordable Housing credits for people who can afford million dollar homes? What is the city doing for the other 99%?

    No cares. Poor people don’t run Cablevision. They just get screwed on their monthly cable bills. And they pay too much tax on housing to the City, or monthly rent bills to the 1% apartment owners (who don’t pay taxes).

    No worries. Vote for Joe L. The Koch bothers’ horse in the mayor’s race.

  • mayor lindsey

    wally purchasing cable is an option so how are they getting screwed ?

  • Ann B Chapin

    Only 2 candidates, to my knowledge, addressed real estate taxes in the campaign: Lhota and Quinn. “Affordable housing” should include those who have homes and wish to remain in them! The taxes are driving the “middle class” out of NYC. I, for one, am a senior on SS with no pension and would like to remain in my home without being forced to sell! PS where would I go?? Brooklyn is my home and where I was born! Thanks for listening!
    What happened to Cuomo’s promise to address this issue?