Subway Service Alerts: Brooklyn Heights and Vicinity

This weekend and the following week are pretty much a repeat of last weekend and this week, subway-wise. Once again, there are no planned changes, apart from the continuing R train saga, that directly affect service at any local stations (and G train service will be normal between Church Avenue and Nassau Avenue–to get to or from Greenpoint Avenue or beyond you’ll need to take a free shuttle bus). But once again A trains will not be running between Euclid Avenue and Howard Beach or Lefferts Avenue, so to get to or from the Air Train you’ll have to transfer between the A and the J at Broadway Junction and between the J and the Air Train at Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue-JFK. More details here (click on the “No trains between…” link). This will be repeated once more the following weekend (Friday night, October 4 to Monday morning, October 7).

For planned service changes that may affect travel on other parts of the system, see MTA Info or The Weekender.

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