Open Thread Wednesday 9/18/13

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • marshasrimler

    yesterday when i ignored your hostility was more effective.. thats what i will do in the future

  • Heightsman

    Beginning to middle of October per the manager. Still some hiring and training to do.

  • David on Middagh


    (That was for Heather.)

  • Liana

    does anyone have a trustworthy cleaning lady they would recommend? thanks in advance!

  • Nicole

    Thanks for posting this. LICH saved my son’s life this past Spring!

  • Sheila Kaplan

    Thank you. How much time until the next action to close?

  • BrooklynBird

    It’s not open yet, at least not to my knowledge. It’s a black garage like door, you will see it on your left if you enter via Henry street.

  • monroeblue

    fantastic response! I’m sure the resident dog owners of Brooklyn heights will take heed of these warnings!
    – monroeblue

  • monroeblue

    please spare us, for the good of all!

  • Phormyka

    I am almost positive it’s 67 poplar
    and i think it’s a schnauzer
    and, “yes, it does drive us nuts!”
    squeaky bark

  • MonroeOrange

    Marsha, marsha, marsha!…see not effective

  • monroeblue

    we don’t need a new library in Brooklyn Heights, the old one has served the community well for many decades, only klondikes like henrylol, back stupid ideas like moving it, therefore marsha, give your perspective once and only once…. god willing these idiots will fade into the darkness

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Not sure what you mean — but do contact Sue — hope to meet you.

  • Sheila Kaplan

    I emailed Sue last night. What I mean is how long do we have before it’s impossible to keep it open.

    I’ll figure it out. Thank you for your friendly words. Ditto.

  • Sheila Kaplan

    Ah — I am reading your earlier comments on LICH. Homework for me.

  • Heights Observer

    And all Henry LoL does is shill for the real estate billionaires who want to rip down a hospital or a library so they can build more unaffordable condos. How much do they pay you Henry? It is so obvious you are in their employ, we are not stupid.

    What is the next location your buddies have in mind? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Marathoner

    marsha, a non-book-related hobby would be nice

    we all know how you feel about the books, please focus on something else (so we can too!)

  • Marathoner

    agree, totally miss that guy. always upbeat. i hope he’s doing well, little guy

  • marshasrimler

    you can focus on whatever you wish. as I will -no need to get nasty

  • Andrew Porter

    I was told it would be opening in a couple of weeks—6 months ago…

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s directly across from the cobbler/watch repair guy. The decal has been up on the door for months, but nothing is happening. The last place folded when the DOB told them that in order to have a grill, they would have to install a chimney that went up through the entire building, which would cost untold thousands. The new place may also have an oven, which would then present the same problem.

  • Andrew Porter

    There is, or perhaps was, one on the north side of Atlantic Avenue between Hicks and Henry.

  • jivika

    great! i love it for the writing and commentary. if she can’t make it to the precinct she can make up the reports.

  • tksmall

    While I appreciate the compliment and well wishes, “little guy” is a bit patronizing and the verbal equivalent of patting me on the head…

  • T.K. Small

    Thanks to the sage advice of Homer Fink, my piratical image is back!

  • wally

    Hurray for TK.

  • Jorale-man

    i see Brooklyn Bridge Park has put out an RFP asking for designs for the marina at Pier 5. Also, they’re asking for a roller rink proposal for Pier 2. The press release says they’ve pushed back the opening of Pier 2 to 2014 – it was previously supposed to be this fall. See:

  • Marathoner

    sorry, just an obscure reference to your handle – never seen you, so know nothing about your stature… it was just a friendly comment. appreciate your posts

  • David on Middagh

    I’m a punster, but I did not pick up on that.