WSJ Talks To Joe Lhota About Visiting Ground Zero

The Wall Street Journal interviewed GOP Mayoral candidate/Brooklyn Heights resident Joe Lhota earlier this week. In the piece he discusses returning to Ground Zero. Lhota was a deputy mayor in the Giulani administration on 9/11/01 and he tells the paper he was nearly killed “two or three times” as he fled the destruction. As for revisiting the location he says:

WSJ: “This idea of emotions and all that stuff, that’s crazy talk,” he said. “I haven’t been back to my high school either.”

Mr. Lhota said he would return to the site possibly as soon as this weekend, and that he would visit for official functions if he is elected mayor.

“I’m not traumatized,” he said, adding that he could see the World Trade Center site every day from his apartment window in Brooklyn Heights and was “proud to see how it’s coming back.”

Pressed on why he had yet to visit in person, he paused. “People have asked me if I’ve been back to the site and I’ve said no,” he said. “I can’t tell you why.”

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  • Disturbing

    Although I hate to think of NYC with an ultra-liberal like DiBlasio, Lhota has zero charisma and even less to say about his vision for NYC. His candidacy is DOA. How does the Republican party not scrounge around for a candidate who at least has a modicum of a shot at winning the mayoralty? Unreal