After Renovation, Tazza On Clark Street Reopens

Tazza on Clark Street has been closed for a few weeks for renovations. Our Heather Quinlan reports that they’re back and open for business.

Anyone check out the new decor?

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  • Lydia M. Gordon

    I see that the original space has been divided into two areas, with a wall separating the areas. What’s is going into the smaller space???

  • Andrew Porter

    This space is a commercial co-op, so whether the new space will be sold as a co-op, or sublet by Tazza’s owner, is not clear.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, it is considerably smaller now. The old space always felt half-empty, especially with the ghostly bar on one end of the room. But the new one looks rather crowded. I hope it all evens out.

  • DIBS

    Isn’t a bread shop supposed to be opening somewhere near here? I see no sign of it anywhere.

  • Lady in the Heights

    The rent was too high, according to the owner. I wish them much success in their new space. It is so nice to have a locally owned business in the nabe.

  • peahyphenelle

    My daughter and I ate there last night (9-16-13) but didn’t realize they now have table service. Their sign by the cash register announcing table service is very inconspicuous, so if you don’t want take-out, seat yourselves and wait for service. Don’t line up at the cash register as of yore. The order numbers on their tall table stands are also gone. The food is just as great, but they no longer carry Boylan sodas, which have been replaced by the more limited but still delicious San Pelligrino citrus beverages. The decor is the same, but could use some pictures on the bare walls. The blackboard menus appear to have been moved intact and the tables do seem rather crowded together, which they weren’t in the larger space. But please give them your business. They were sorely missed while closed for the renovation.

  • peahyphenelle

    The Brooklyn Bread store is scheduled to open in the Henry Street corridor of the subway station. There’s a big yellow and white sign covering the space.

  • King Lou

    I hope they get wifi in there. It was a real downer for board meetings if you can’t get on the internet. Vineapple was better for that but the closed early on the nights we have our meetings.

  • BK Zomombie

    As a neighborhood Zomombie who needs a lot of coffee, I find the space too tight to visit now. I wish them luck though. Guess it’s Starbucks for me and my big wheels, or the corner cart man.

  • Bob

    Wondering if you know the email of the owner? Had a disturbing experience there that, being from a small business family, I would certainly want to know about as the owner. Thanks!