Open Thread Wednesday 8/21/13

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    “I used to shout from foreign rooftops about New York’s diversity (“No wonder they attacked us, we’re so freaking diverse!”), but the last decade has been all about the rise of the T.B.I., the Truly Boring Immigrant. We’ve colonized most of Manhattan and the string of artisanal villages that is brownstone Brooklyn.”

    Gary Shteyngart

  • Rocky Raccoon

    A question to NYC police officers (ie. Willowtown Cop). Are NYC police officers authorized to ticket a dog owner who does not pickup after their dog? If it is allowed, is it discouraged by the department to do so? Thanks.

  • TMS

    We need more schools in Bklyn Heights, and less luxury high rise developments. I just read Pierson’s article on BHB, and I am impressed he seems to be the ONLY candidate addressing the very serious shortfall of public school seats.

  • HenryLoL

    We do not need any more schools in BH. We need to focus on making the schools around us better.

  • BrooklynBird

    Let’s talk about bikes and dogs!

  • BrooklynBird

    It’s the law to pick up after your dog. Almost impossible to enforce though. Just like double parking, honking in NYC, and jaywalking. Sometimes you just gotta sweat the little things.

  • TMS

    Do you have a child in a public school in the heights? I do, and I see first hand every school day how crowded in the children are. The teachers do a fine job teaching, but if they had less kids to teach they’d do better.

  • bkmoe

    does anyone know anything about the weird building at 84 henry st (i think that’s the address)? right next to fortune house, siggy’s, and fascati pizza. it looks so rundown, never see anyone go in or out, and there are always homeless people around. such an eyesore for an otherwise beautiful area.

  • ltap917

    I’m sorry. Are you suggesting that if my toddler steps in dog poop with his little open toed sandals that I would consider that “a little thing””.

  • marshasrimler

    Stephen Levin has been working on the problem of overcrowding in our schools for 4 years.. with the community and he has done a great job

  • neighboronhicks

    what is any thinking new yorker (child or adult) doing walking around with open toed shoes on? there are much worse things than dog poop to contend with in our fair city, and putting open toed shoes on your toddler is foolish.

  • BrooklynBird

    While I don’t think it’s foolish since it’s hot out and a socially acceptable thing to do, it really is a “little thing” Gross, yes. Going to do any damage? Chances are not likely.

    (Not defending people who don’t pick up after their dogs, but lets not make a big deal about something so small.)

  • Heights Mama

    They need to rezone PS8. DUMBO has made the school overcrowded. Steve Levin was amazingly supportive in getting MS8 off the ground. He and Daniel Squardon together worked with parents and the administration. Without their efforts, it would not exist!

  • TMS

    Totally agree with you on DUMBO making ps8 overcrowded. I think they are zoned for 307 but they probably provide too much $$ to the school.

  • TMS

    When you step into a big steamy pile of stinky dog poo, and have to clean it out of the grooves of your shoes, please post on this board and let us know if you still think this is the case.

  • HenryLoL

    I was JUST talking about that building. It is apparetly the whole building — it houses the big deli with the awning too. Apparently for sale for $5.5 million:
    I was hoping someone would get rid of the graffitti that has been spraypainted by the front door. The deal sheet says the building can be delivered vacant — but there are 6 apartments.

  • BrooklynBird

    I actually have. I was walking around a beach in Chicago and stepped in a huge pile of crap. It must have been a rottweiler or something cause of the amount! Ha! Anyways, it sucked yes. I washed it off and went on my way.

    And everyone has stepped in poop with shoes on. Sucks getting it out.

    I stand by my point, there are bigger things to worry about than this.

  • GHB

    I’d rather step in a steamin’ pile of dookie than on chewing gum!

  • Heights Mama

    People seem to forget that PS8 was not a school of choice 10 years ago. It was a lot of hard work and great leadership that got the school to where it is today – over crowded! Our kids were there then and are still there.

    No one goes to PS8 who is out of zone any more. That ended years ago, and the DUMBO folks might be writing the checks, but it is still the same BH families who are super involved in PTA. The same number of people come to PTA meetings in 2005 as they do now – and there are 400 more kids enrolled.

  • AYauchParkMoms

    I’d love to see cars who honk in traffic fined. It cannot be good for the eardrums of all the kids, let alone the adults. If your car is in the middle of the block behind 10 other cars, nothing good comes of honking… and it is illegal. The city could raise a lot of $ pretty easily this way! They wouldn’t have to chase anyone down either :-)

  • TMS

    The city could raise a ton more money by ticketing bicyclists who don’t follow traffic lights/rules. I see lawbreaking bicyclists every single day. In fact, I’ve not yet seen a bicyclist who DOES follow the law. The city would be rolling in it.

  • TMS

    Oh good, we need more luxury coops.

  • Bloomy

    The same could be said about ticketing the cars in the city. Don’t think I have ever seen a car do the speed limit in the FDR.

  • BrooklynBird

    Can we get rid of all the graffitti? Tons of stuff on Middagh. Someone sprayed a penis at the corner of Middagh/Hicks.

  • BrooklynBird

    It is technically illegal in NYC to honk unless it’s an emergency. Never enforced, just like many laws. But we can’t enforce them all I guess. Gotta pick and choose.

  • BrooklynBird

    This is EXACTLY what they ARE doing! Ticking bikes is through the roof in mostly Brooklyn and Manhattan.

    There are valid arguments to both sides of bike ‘laws’. In the end, a separate set of laws needs to be written for them.

  • MonroeOrange

    You can’t say the same at all!..Look, how many cars get parking tickets everyday on any block in the heights, many….also i’ve seen many cars get pulled off of the FDR for speeding, at Houston St. exit especially.

  • TMS

    Bikes need to follow existing traffic laws. It is safe for them, and everyone else. That means stopping at red lights and riding with traffic. Bicyclists think they are cars without having to follow traffic rules. they aren’t. I think biking is great, but everyone has to follow the rules and the law. No one is exempt. Even dog pooper pick uppers. :)

  • BrooklynBird

    I think laws that are in place for bikes is silly. Yes, all bikes should stop at red lights. But after that rider stops at the red light, looks both ways and there are no cars or pedestrians, they should be able to proceed. How come walkers can do this, but bikes can’t? They are not going any faster (if they have stopped at the light) and they are proceeding with cation (because they stopped at the light)

    There are some asshole bike riders out there who do not even slow down at stop signs, or red lights. There are drivers our there too, as well as pedestrians. But laws are set to keep order and keep us safe. If the biker is safe, then why should he wait 2-3 minutes for the light to change?

    I think all people who complain about bike laws should ride a bike in the city for a day. I was very anti-bikes and thought they were horrible until I started riding one to work each day. Some of the laws are ridiculous and need to be changed. It’s a completely different kind of vehicle. A bike running a red light should be be fined the same as a car running a red light. Things like that should be amended.

  • Bloomy

    In terms of raising revenue as TMS mentioned, I think it is a lot easier to ticket cars for the simple reason there are a lot more of them in the city breaking laws.

    And concerning parking tickets, they are meaningless if we want to improve quality of life in the city. Traffic cops should focus on speeding, running red lights, and people driving while on the phone.