Pier House Construction Underway

Reader Andrew Porter has been keeping an eye, and a camera lens, on construction activity at the site of Pier House, the hotel/retail/condo complex that will sit between Furman Street and Pier 1. The pedestrian bridge connecting Squibb Park and the uplands of Pier 1, which will eventually be between two sections of Pier House, provides an ideal vantage point.

Here is a view of a pile driver pounding girders into the ground. We’ll keep you updated on construction progress.

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  • TMS

    This is a travesty! Why don’t they focus on building new schools instead of new luxury buildings? What about flood risk? Overpopulation and overcrowding of the neighborhood? Soon to be no hospital in the neighborhood with thousands of new people, tourists. I used to love Brooklyn Heights, but it’s too much like disgusting filthy Manhattan now.

  • TMS

    This is a travesty! They need to build schools instead of more luxury buildings. The neighborhood is becoming way too overpopulated, what with tourists and all the new families moving in. Where will these people go when they have an emergency since we soon wont’ have a hospital? Have you noticed how crowded the subway stations are now? Has anyone else noticed we have become as crowded, busy and dirty as Manhattan?

  • disturbed neighbor

    schools, luxury buildings its all progress but how can the Park allow non union construction of anything on these state and city lands, the protests and rat have become my neighbors!

  • Roberto

    Commenting and counter-commenting on blogs often flare up into toe-to-toe, in-your-face
    spectacles that block nuance and ears. That said, I love a park that enables people of all ages, classes and nationalities to relax, hold hands and enjoy
    the scenery. Brava for the caring work of Ursula et al. My recent comments weren’t about literal sandboxes, my own familiarity with the layout of Brooklyn Bridge Park or hating positive changes. I was talking about the complex matter of
    privatization of the commons in NYC.
    My point is that many citizens of New York are being hoodwinked by the seemingly benevolent notion of “public/private partnership.” “Chosen” parklands are now corporate entities developed for the purpose of making money for the sponsors. Just as tax dollars for public education have been diverted to charter schools, public money for parks has been cut severely and been replaced by plentiful corporate and special friendships into corporately-controlled zones of largess. Broken
    down parks in the rest of the city, will not be prioritized for funding, repairs and staffing because the “proven” parks will make better use of the resources. Charter institutions are undercutting public institutions. Now what?

  • David on Middagh

    Now is the best of times to take the bouncy bridge, before the constructions on either side impinge on the airiness.

  • rat

    Maybe it’s because they actually want it to get built? Better have rat than unions – let them all move to jersey