Superbroker Elizabeth Stribling Expands Her Empire at One Brooklyn Bridge Park

Elizabeth Stribling, real estate broker to the well-to-do, raised some eyebrows back in 2008 when she moved from the Upper East Side (East 84th Street) to One Brooklyn Bridge Park, 360 Furman Street. Now she’s expanded her space at One BBP by plunking down $570,000–at least she didn’t have to pay a broker’s commission–for a 589 square foot studio which she intends to use as a temporary pied a terre for visitors from overseas. Might some of these guests be potential buyers of Brooklyn real estate? Five years ago The Real Deal said there was increasing interest in Brooklyn by foreigners.

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  • Roberto

    Traditional NYC parks usually came with a gritty sandbox. In the Brooklyn Bridge Park and along Manhattan’s charter park, the High Line, the sandbox has been replaced by high-end townhouse/luxury apartment money boxes that are destroying the lives of lower class New Yorkers. Ah, the marvels of “public/private partnerships.”

  • Rock E Fellar

    How are 1BBP or the High Line “destroying the lives of lower class New Yorkers”? As long as I can remember, the Brooklyn Bridge Park area was composed of under-utilized piers — warehouses, mainly. Now, there is ongoing construction, busy apartment houses and some retail there — plus a park regularly enjoyed by New Yorkers of various classes.

  • ursulahahn

    Roberto I suggest you take a walk to the extensive children’s playgrounds on the upland portion of Pier 6 and you’ll find a huge sandbox.

  • ursulahahn

    Roberto, another thing: You don’t seem to have been in any part of the BBP, otherwise you would know that people from all walks of life, local, regional, national and international, of all colors and races, are frequenting the entire length of the park until late a night. Before the Main Street portion of the park was built, it was a parking lot, and the only green area available was the Empire Fulton Ferry State Park – not a square inch more. So stop your pseudo-complaints and enjoy what you have, namely, a life-changing amenity.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    What makes her a “super” broker? Is it because she’s a broker to the well-to-do, as you so delicately put it? Is this another instance of wealth worship? I think we can all agree that real estate brokers are rather awful creatures and the less said about them the better.

  • Claude Scales

    Ah, you know me. I always put things as delicately as I can.

  • ltap917

    Brooklyn Bridge Park is being enjoyed by people from all over Brooklyn not just Brooklyn Heights.
    The park is actually making the lives of the “lower class” much better. All parents want to be able to take their children to nice parks and nice pools and they can do this by utilizing BBP.

  • Roberto

    I feel the energy and community engagement in this comment column. It would be interesting to shift the discussion into a public forum.