Gabriele Corcos Vanishes From Bevacco Website, Tweets That He’s Too Busy For The Gig

While our report of celebrity chef Gabriele Corcos‘ first night at Bevacco wasn’t the most enthusiastic, we felt that in the long run the union would work out.

Now just two weeks later, the eatery’s website, where the star of TV’s Extra Virgin was featured prominently, no long mentions his involvement as Executive Chef.

The Corner of Cranberry Curse lives?

On another note, Corcos can be seen with his wife Debi Mazar in Lovelace now in theaters and on pay-per-view.

UPDATE: Confirmed. Corcos tweets that he’s too busy for the gig at Bevacco:

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  • slyvester

    What’s Paula Deen doing these days?

  • Monty

    Paula Deen cooking in Brooklyn is a reality show waiting to happen.

  • Witness

    Coward. Pulling out after two weeks. I won’t follow to his/their next location.

  • HenryLoL

    I would guess he is friends with the owner and just jumped on it as a favor to try and bring some attention to the place. No celeb chef comes into a place like that w/o his own staff in tow… And that is what’s wrong with Bev. The manager and staff are horrific. There is a reason the new place on Henry and Orange has a line out the door in the rain. It’s not because the chef from Daniel is there.. THey cook good food and take care of customers.

  • slyvester

    Could it be a Spike Lee movie remake? Ha,ha.

  • MonroeOrange

    So two weeks ago he checked his schedule and wasn’t too busy to sign on as the exec chef…now all of a sudden he is too busy? What a poorly planned ‘publicity’ stunt…Bevacco…its time to pack up…Su Su Yum Yum would be very ashamed of how you are treating their former space!

  • Lydia M. Gordon

    Does this mean that Gabriele is no longer the executive chef at Bevacco??? If so, it’s our loss as he is a wonderful Tuscan chef–at least from what I have observed on Extra Virgin. I think Gabriele made the wrong choice in going with Bevacco. I had dinner at Sociale on a Wednesday night and the place was jumping–every table occupied with people waiting to get in. I walked down the street to see how Bevacco was doing and there were only a few people dining there–this was after Gabriele Curcos’ engagement.

  • Heights Mama

    I ate at Sociale and was amazed at the level of service. It is so refined and attentive! Food was delicious, too, though the portions are little on the small side. I had the branzino. It could not have been prepared better, but for $25 one should get more than a 4 oz. piece of fish. My only complaint. Everything else was quite perfect.

  • moni

    I’m fed up with cramped, noisy, trendy, pricey joints wiht limited menus and small portions. Queen seems to be the only place in the Heights that serves food worthy of its price range — on tablecloths, too!

  • spm57

    I, too, had a great meal but the level of noise was outrageous.

  • ursulahahn

    Gabriele seems not too busy to waste his time with tweets. Had an excellent lunch at Sociale the other day and – yes – portions were on the small side but satisfying nevertheless.

  • DIBS


  • Claude Scales

    Indoor voice, please.

  • MonroeOrange

    we get it….. you like your CARBONARA!