The Brooklyn Paper Resorts To Writing About Han’s Market NOT Selling Helmets To CitiBike Users

Oy to the vey folks – There was a time when we enjoyed trading “barbs” with the Brooklyn Paper. It was all in fun as we truly heart both its former editorial czar Gersh Kuntzman and ex-publisher Ed Weintrob. Good folks, real Brooklynites. Say what you will about the paper while they ran it, but they are the real deal.

The new regime is ok we guess but we find ourselves hardly ever checking the paper’s website and certainly not reading the print version (note: the exact opposite is true of The Brooklyn Eagle…coincidence that Weintrob consulted them?).

However, a recent story caught our eye because someone we follow tweeted about it:

It’s about Han’s Market selling bike helmets to capitalize on Citibike renters who’d like to avoid a skull full of mush in case of an accident – which we posted about here. The Brooklyn Paper’s spin? Han’s has sold one helmet:

Brooklyn Paper: “I wear a helmet when I ride because even though the research isn’t great on how effective they may be in big crashes, I think that anything that slows down my skull from impact is probably a good thing,” said Michael Silver. “Even if I look like a doofus.”

If that isn’t enough to put a crimp into the Han’s Market business model, this probably will: The city occasionally gives away free helmets, with fittings included, at scheduled events throughout the year. The next one in Brooklyn will take place on Tuesday in Marine Park from 5:30 pm until 8 pm.

Do, in fact, read the comments on that story. But one thing is for sure folks – there’s still one (NSFW, which means this is “dirty” to those of you now familiar with the vernacular) reason to wear a helmet:

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  • Marathoner

    That article is ironic – of all the places I would ride without a helmet, over the BB is not one of them – that’s major head trauma waiting to happen

    As far as the store – I saw those for sale in there and immediately thought they looked used or possibly just not clean because they’re hanging in a shady produce bag.

    They might have more luck with sales if they were still boxed and looked new.

    But, CitiBikes are not exactly high speed machines, so, it doesn’t seem to be high risk cycling that would concern many people. Also, I’m not buying the fashion argument – may I remind you that you’re riding a blue citi bike! You don’t look cool.

    You could be wearing an Armani suit – if you’re pedaling around town on a citi bike, no one’s respecting