Jimmy McMillan, The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy, Comes To Brooklyn Heights

The average rent in Brooklyn moved over the $3000/month mark according to a report from realtor Douglas Elliman. Most of that spike is due to increased demand in Brooklyn Heights and other “hot” neighborhoods. That apparently prompted a visit to our side of Court Street from Jimmy McMillan of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party.

NY Post: Driving the surge was growing demand in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill, fabulous news for Brooklyn’s status-symbol crowd, but not so much for residents looking for affordable places to live.

Actor Jim Callahan, whose wife is pregnant, said he’s concerned about the cost of a bigger apartment for his family.

“It is a great area and we feel very fortunate to live here,” said Callahan, 33, of Cobble Hill. “But as far as the long run goes, it’s getting more and more unrealistic. We just have to kind of shove a baby in there somewhere.

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  • slyvester

    Yowwzza… Too damn high

  • ltap917

    I can’t afford to live on Park Avenue but I don’t whine about it. If the rent is too damn high, move. We lost some really nice people from our building who had to move to the suburbs when they had more than one child. That continues to happen to this day as a real two bedroom apartment is close to one million dollars. I’ve heard those same people say “we love Brooklyn Heights but we cannot afford to live here”. They move because they need more room but the bigger issue is to find a good public school for their kids and they can find that in areas not too far outside the city.