BHB Readers: NO on Dock Street DUMBO

Two Trees rendering

Two Trees rendering

Our poll results are in and the  BHB Community has given a big “thumbs down” to Two Trees proposed  Dock Street DUMBO Project.

More than half the respondents (55.6%) said “stop” the project while a third (33.3%) replied “build it”.   Some folks (1.9%) “don’t care” while 9.3% were undecided.  (View full poll results here)

CB2 has approved the plan.  It’s now on Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz’ desk for review.

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  • Publius

    An example of how much Two Trees cares about the education of children in Dumbo.

  • since47

    A school? Fine, put the school in, but why at the expense of the Special Needs school? I have a feeling that Walentas knows this project is a rocky one, but having the word ‘school’ in it makes it more palatable. More important than that: If we allow him to build so high and close to the Brooklyn Bridge, in another 20 years we’re going to be a city without bridges, because all their incredible beauty is going to be hidden behind tall, ugly blocks of concrete and steel.