Open Thread Wednesday 2/4/09

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What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • eva

    Does anyone know what’s happening with Sushi Gallery in the subway? It’s been closed for a week.

  • Matthew

    Any recommendations for a good general practice physician in the area?

  • Chris

    Matthew, I was going to ask the same question! Ha! Matthew’s question stands (a good GP doctor in the nabe), preferably one who takes GHI insurance?

  • cv

    I’m also looking for a good primary care physician in the neighborhood — something must be in the air today.

  • lcd

    Here we go again. How can I get DWR on Montague to shovel their walk?? Leave a nasty note? Call 311??

  • nabeguy

    lcd, you must slip, break an ankle, then sue them. That usually gets their attention. Kidding aside, some people just refuse to get it. The fact that it’s a business is even more mystifying, as it amounts to an FU to their customers. Even if they argue that its the landlords responsibility, why would anyone choose to lose business because they’re too lazy to shovel? Another major offender is the building that houses the Brooklyn Eagle on Middagh and Henry. A very dangerous sloping corner that never gets cleaned.

  • beth

    I love Dr. Kenworthy on Clinton.

  • another jen

    I’ll jump on this doctor bandwagon and ask if anyone can recommend an ob/gyn in the neighborhood or anywhere close by.

  • lcd

    nabeguy: i had the same thought re slip & fall, but i’ll start with a nasty note tonight and report back.

  • In the Heights

    Another vote for Eric Kenworthy! Very good doctor and super nice guy. They also have Saturday hours.

    359 Clinton

  • Snow Shovel Solver

    If a business or homeowner won’t shovel their walk, send them a letter (certified mail, return receipt requested) advising them of the problem and demand that they forward your letter to their insurance carrier so it will be on notice of future claims so that the carrier will not later disclaim coverage on lack of notice grounds. That should do the trick.

  • Matthew

    You know, I went to Dr. Kenworthy a few years ago and was underwhelmed. He spent only a few minutes with me on my annual physical. Agreed, however, that he’s a nice guy.

    I know that it’s difficult to be a doctor that accepts insurance because the insurance companies only pay about $50 per visit (plus the $25 co-pay) for a total of about $75/visit. So a doctor running an office has to see 6-7 patients an hour every hour of the day just to pay overhead (insurance, rent, staff, consumables, claims forms admin people). No argument that our health care insurance system is totally broken, and I don’t blame the doctors.

    I’d like to see a physician that spends at least 45-60 minutes with me, reviews my family history, gives me a full physical, reviews my blood work and cardio tests with me, benchmarks my results, and spends the time to talk with me about all aspects of my health (stress levels, diet, exercise, my environment, etc).

    I’m willing to pay out of pocket for this, since my health is the most important thing I have. I realize that most doctors who take insurance won’t/can’t give this level of care. Hopefully this will change if the current administration can tackle healthcare reform.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Generally, commercial (perhaps rental, too) leases stipulate that the tenant is responsible for keeping the frontage clear of snow/ice/etc.

  • AliG

    another jen, Drs Perlman and Maher at 9 Pierrepont are great BUT their offices leave alot to be desired. I think a clinic in Tijuana is probably cleaner… and for that reason am looking for another ob/gyn in the area myself.

    I think there was a thread on GPs a few weeks ago, lots of good recommendations including Dr Berk who is fantastic.

  • cv

    I need not only a neighborhood physician, but also a neighborhood gyn. so all comments are appreciated.//re: the ice — the Brooklyn Eagle is a huge offender — and they are right near a school. Trying to walk our kids to P.S. 8 on an icy day is so treacherous. I’ve been thinking of writing a letter to the editor … I cannot understand how a local newspaper that purportedly cares about the folks who live in Brooklyn can behave this way.

  • Chester

    I’m sure Homer would love a photo of the icy Eagle sidewalk.

  • LS

    Dr Charles Berk on Montague Street. I started seeing him about 6 months ago on the recommendation of bloggers on BHB. He’s nice, I like him so far.

  • brooklynite

    Dr. Austin Chen for an OB/GYN.

    She is in Tribeca, so only a few stops on the train right on Chambers street (subway is on the corner). She is great. Everyone in my family uses her and we have all recommended her to friends (who also use her now too).

    She is a little quirky, but very attentive and will answer any questions you might have even if they don’t relate to OB/GYN stuff. She is great!

  • ABC

    matthew, any interest in an executive physical? usually runs around $2500 (and usually paid for by the employer for their top people). I’m familiar with the programs at johns hopkins,MGH, duke, mayo and cleveland clinic — all excellent, natch. I don’t know enough about any of the NY hospital programs to recommend one. If you’re 45+ and you got money to spend, it’s not a bad idea.

    ps, most won’t do those full-body screens and they shouldn’t — those aren’t really very helpful.

  • Ari

    What is my purpose in life?

    As it relates to Brooklyn Heights of course…..

  • Senor Salsa


    Your purpose in life is to open a delicious, fresh and authentic Mexican restaurant in the former Busy Chef space. Get on it!

  • henry & state

    re: Another Jen. OB/GYN Recommendation. I recommend Drs. Comrie & Blanchette. HOWEVER, be prepared to be there for at least 3-hours. They are both awesome which attributes to the long wait there. Dr. “B” is a man and probably easier to access. Dr. Comrie is a woman.
    (718) 852-9180 Center For Women’s Health 148 Pierrepont St.

  • Publius

    Lux Interior, co-founder and lead singer of The Cramps, one of the best bands EVER, died today at age 62. :-(

  • laurie

    For a GP – I’ve recommended Dr. Berk here several times and will continue to do so every time it comes up because I really do think he’s one of the best! He’s been my GP for many years now.

    My OB/GYN referral would be Dr. Brennan on Clinton between State & Schermerhorn. He’s very good and very nice – but also generally runs pretty late with appointments. I only live 2 blocks away so when I have an appt, I call the office 30 mins before my time and they are always happy to give me a realistic idea of how far behind he’s running so I don’t have to sit in the waiting room for an hour.

  • Peter

    Senor Salsa, your post begs the question: where IS the best Mexican restaurant in our area? I haven’t found any that I have liked, any feedback would be greatly appreciated …

  • GHB

    Have you tried Pedro’s in Dumbo? They’re at 73 Jay Street. Reasonably priced, unpretentious and casual, good food.

  • Peter

    GHB, thanks for the suggestion … I haven’t tried it yet, but I will put it on my list. Anyone been to Hecho en Dumbo? Someone recommended it a while back, but I have never been.

  • Publius

    The food at Hecho en Dumbo is very good. The reason I don’t go there much is the noise level is almost unbearable.

    Maybe I’m just getting old ;-)

  • HDEB

    I love squirrels, they’re delicious : )