Emmy Nominations For Brooklyn Heights Resident Lena Dunham

Brooklyn Heights resident Lena Dunham received several Emmy nominations for her work on HBO’s ‘Girls’. The actress and creator of the show got nods in the Best Actress in a Drama category, for directing the episode “On All Fours” with the show itself nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series.

The New York Times featured a Q & A with her after this morning’s announcement:

Q: How are you and your TV paramour Patrick Wilson reacting to your nominations this morning?

A. Patrick Wilson and I got some croissants and we’re just hanging around the garden and reading some old issues of The Believer. I honestly woke up to a call from my publicist, and I was like, “What did I do now? What did I say that’s been taken heinously out of context, and I now have to decide whether or not to release a statement about it?” What she actually was calling about was pretty great.

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