84th Precinct Police Blotter – 7/17/13

Tempers soar along with the temperatures. It’s this week’s blotter.

The air conditioning at the precinct was on full throttle yesterday, which was a welcome relief after the longest 20-minute walk there that I’ve ever taken. It was enough to make me set up home in the Crime Analysis office, rather than risk going out into the elements again. But cooler heads prevailed, and now I am home writing the blotter. Without A/C. (Those ConEd bills make me hot under the collar.)

On Monday, a perp was thwarted from stealing a cash box with $1,300 from the Govinda Temple on Schermerhorn. According to the report, he ran out of the temple with the loot, but then got scared, dropped the box, and fled into a waiting Ford Windstar.

The next day at the Veteran’s Mental Health Clinic on Schermerhorn, two men got into an altercation over who was sitting where, resulting in one man hitting the other with his cane. The man with the cane then fled, and was able to avoid arrest.

Also on Schermerhorn, two women got into an argument when one tried to leave her apartment; the other attacked her and threatened her with a knife. Police who arrived on the scene found crack and a pipe.

On Wednesday, a 75-year-old woman withdrew $20,000 from her CitiBank account, and left with the cash in her unzipped pocketbook. Two men approached her on the way home, and managed to grab the cash from her bag before she realized it was gone.

Finally, a 17-year-old was arrested after he punched a cabbie and stole $20 on the corner of Atlantic and Hoyt. And that’s this week’s hot blotter.

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