NY Times Reports On Montero’s Life Preserver Theft

The theft of a bespoke life preserver from Atlantic Avenue’s legendary Montero’s Bar and Grill has caught the eye of the New York Times.

Last week, owner Pepe Montero told the NY Post that the ring, created by his nephew Andy, probably was taken by someone who “walked off with it on a busy night.”

The Times describes the effort by Montero employees and regulars to crack the case themselves, including patron Brett Ladin and BHB pal/Brooklyn Heights resident Lee Greenfeld:

NYT: The hook yielded no clues. The dust around it seems undisturbed. The sleuths in Montero’s have developed profiles of the culprit. The perpetrator is described as being male, young, drunk, new to the bar and an idiot.

“I consider the place my living room,” Mr. Ladin said. “Why would you take something from your living room to take to your bedroom? I don’t think someone who likes coming to Montero’s took it.”

Another regular, Lee Greenfeld, 42, was reminded of the night he was tending bar up the street and someone stole a disco ball on his watch. This was worse, he said. Pointless.

“You can’t show it off,” he said. “I bet it’s sitting in someone’s dorm room.” He mentioned student housing nearby in Brooklyn Heights. “They don’t have a lot of fans.”

Times writer Michael Wilson visited the Clark Street dorms but turned up no leads in the case.


Photo: The Montero’s life preserver (upper left) via Facebook.

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  • Philip Galindo

    It wasn’t me!

  • BrooklynBugle

    Do you fit the description? ;)

  • Doobie Brothers

    Even without any eyewitnesses I will agree on the description. Hopefully once the guy sobers up he’ll realize what he did and return it, unharmed.