Montero Bar & Grill Looking for Life Preserver

No, it’s not in danger of closing. Montero Bar & Grill on Atlantic Ave is now without its famous life preserver, reports the New York Post. “Somebody must have walked off with it on a busy night,” owner Pepe Montero told the Post. “S.S. Montero” and “Brooklyn, NY” were painted on it by Montero’s nephew, Andy.

If you know where the life preserver is, Montero says, “Just slide it through the gates. Drop it off at Fatoosh around the corner. Tell me where it is and I’ll pick it up.” Montero Bar & Grill has been a neighborhood fixture since the 1940s.

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  • Peter Pan

    Damn, yuppies.

  • MonroeOrange

    I think you mean Hipsters!

  • DIBS

    I knew once I saw the influx of hipsters that things would never be the same there.

  • Arch Stanton

    I think the theft may have occurred on one of those sleepy Montero’s nights when there is only a couple of people there and the bartender goes to the can or get some ice.