Hicks Street In Brooklyn Heights To Be Repaved Thursday (7/11)

If you’re parked on Hicks Street after 6am Thursday (7/11) your vehicle will be towed. Following last month’s milling, the NYC DOT will be repaving it starting at that time and until 6pm. Signs were posted along Hicks this afternoon.

Hicks Street was “milled” by the DOT in June.

Brooklyn Heights Association executive director Judy Stanton tells BHB she’s let the DOT know that this is not enough notice. The silver lining here, for what it’s worth, is that Wednesdays are street cleaning days on Hicks. Drivers moving to the alternate side at 6pm tonight (7/10) will see the signs and avoid a tow-away situation in the morning. Stanton adds that the short notice will negatively impact anyone scheduling a move, delivery or other service on Thursday.

Signs note that if you are towed, you will not be fined or otherwise penalized. To find your car in that event contact the 84th Precinct, (718) 875-6811.

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  • jivika

    i noticed signs on the citibikes there as well. guessing they will be removed again, but appreciative they were brought back in the interim.

  • Marathoner

    I agree, this really isn’t enough notice and the sign postings look pretty busch-league, if you ask me

    will say that I reported this last week on the open thread: http://brooklynheightsblog.com/archives/60594#comment-954722561

    it will be nice to have a new road, but watch out for speeding cars that no longer have to slow down for potholes!

  • BobStone

    It’s 9:30AM and there’s no repaving activity around Hicks and State. Cars are parked on the west side of Hicks as usual. Has the work been postponed or are they starting from the north end?

  • neighboronhicks

    There was no activity near Cranberry and Hicks as of 8:30 this morning either.

  • mucow

    The DOT publishes a PDF each week detailing the milling/repaving schedule for each borough:


    …looks like Hicks is due for paving Thursday and Friday, Grace Ct.’s getting milled Thursday, and Grace Ct, more of Hicks, and Garden Pl. are all getting paved Friday.

  • Peter Pan

    Let’s use Cuomo as a speed bump on Hicks Street

  • Knight

    That’s nice but how many NYC websites does one have to monitor in order stay abreast of everything that is happening in the neighborhood?

  • mucow