Open Thread Wednesday 7/3/13

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

BHB Photo Club pic by aloucha via Flickr (yes, Flickr!)

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  • Remsen Street Dweller
  • Jorale-man

    I wonder how many people will be showing up at the promenade tomorrow night thinking they’ll be able to get a view of the fireworks only to be disappointed? It’s obviously been a couple years now since they were moved to the Hudson but I remember last year a lot of people still didn’t get the memo.

  • DIBS

    Anyone been to Sociale yet? I’m still on vacation.

  • DIBS

    Such a stupid decision.

  • Sabrina

    Is it open yet?

  • Sabrina

    Does anyone know how many times around Pier 5 (Soccer Fields) equals a mile?

  • DIBS

    Not sure. That’s half of what I’m asking!

  • mucow

    Looks like no paving for us this week :(

  • Anna

    I noticed BBParents posted their menu. Also anxiously waiting to hear news of Taperia on Montague? What’s the word with the delayed opening?

  • Peter Loibl

    Anyone know why the pop-up pool at Pier 2 was closed last weekend (when it was scorching out). I saw that the food vendor area was open, which I found really odd. Didn’t see any formal reason on the website or on any signage … thoughts?

  • HenryLoL

    Not open yet.

  • north heights res
  • north heights res

    Anyone know why we can’t consistently post here as a guest, why, for instance, today, I have to use some sort of account to leave a comment?

  • JoJo

    I live near Cobble Hill Park. I’m considering getting a car. Am I insane? Is dealing with street parking as much of an inconvenience as I imagine it to be?

  • Sabrina


  • lauren

    Around 8:15pm this evening, I spotted a small, black and white cat lingering on the sidewalk in front of 73 Columbia Heights. The cat was very friendly and is wearing a collar, so must belong to someone. I noticed that the ground floor window was pushed open (from the inside) and two other cats were sitting in the window. The black and white cat looked like it wanted to go inside, but couldn’t figure out how. I tried ringing several buzzers, but no one answered. The last I saw, the cat was in the back of the playground going in the direction of Willow Street. Just wanted to post in case this cat was celebrating Independence Day a little early, unbeknownst to his/her humans.

  • NickBC

    And what’s the deal with Taperia on Montague? I’m looking forward to visiting once they finally open.

  • DumboRes

    Wondering if anyone has had or is having issues with their car being vandalized in the DUMBO seems someone tried to “steal” what they thought were hubcaps (actually wheels) with a crow bar and in turn popped one tire and damaged the other 3. got it fixed, parked on the street again (different street in the neighborhood) and it seems they tried again (tears in tire this time, no popping). Wondering if anyone else has run into this as I know there used to be a problem with windows being broken. Thanks!

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    Parking is tough!

  • Andrew Porter

    How to survive the incredible heat: freeze a one or two-liter soda bottle full of water, and carry it, holding it with your hand. The ice will chill your blood and act as a heat sink, making you feel much cooler. And as the ice melts, you can drink it—you’ll have a supply of ice water on you.

    If you carry the bottle in a tote bag, wrap it loosely in several plastic supermarket bags. This will insulate it and slow its melting. Hey, this has worked for me for many summers!

  • lauren

    Good tip! Thanks Andrew!

  • Marathoner

    The paving schedule posted below shows 2 paving crews assigned for Hicks and Grace Ct on Th-Fr 7/11-12

  • Bill Straus

    Please stay away from the newsstand on the north east corner of Montague and Henry Street. I admittedly made an absent minded mistake and gave the woman there a 100 dollar bill today for a Ny Times, instead of a ten. When I realized it and apologized, she calculated that I was a bit of a mark and started taking more time counting my change. Then said I gave her a fifty instead of a hundred. She went so far as to show me a fifty dollar bill that was not mine in her cardboard cash box. I finally threatened to call the police and tell everyone I know about it. The 100 somehow then reappeared. Bad people. And I was with my 5 year old daughter, so she was ostensibly taking food out of a cute kid’s mouth and didn’t care. I grew up in this neighborhood, just a few blocks from there, and that news stand was there back when there was a Burger King, Mama Mia’s Pizzaria, and Walden Books on that corner. It shocks and disgusts me that these are the people that have run it for all these years. Please stay away.