Brooklyn Paper Scribe Obsessed With Brooklyn Heights’ Captain Cleanup

Just as we were getting all misty eyed over old pal/former Brooklyn Paper EIC Gersh Kuntzman’s return to the interwebs, another local journo has caught our eye.

Almost a month after we stamped fini on the adventures of post box painter Captain Cleanup, the Brooklyn Paper’s Jamie Lutz seems to be just “getting the memo”. Behold:

After Rich Calder reported BHB’s reporting in the NY Post, Lutz tweeted:

The BHB community dubbed dubbed this paintbrush armed crusader “Captain Cleanup” (and BHB reader John Sanchez coined the term “artisanal mailboxes” to describe his acts) and he revealed himself in our comments shortly after. Not for nothing but he’s probably said all he has to say and is probably enjoying a lovely beverage somewhere as he reflects on how his deeds got THE MAN to pretty up area mailboxes (ok at least two of them). But that’s not stopping Jamie from wanting her Lois Lane moment:

So, should the Captain remain underground or surface for an interview? Comment away!

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  • Frenchbull

    got it all figured out then-you have “outed” him!