Brooklyn Heights Blogger Coins A Phrase For Captain Cleanup’s Work In Neighborhood

BHB reader/blogger John Sanchez has coined a phrase for the work of “Captain Cleanup“, the Brooklyn Heights man who is on a one man campaign to paint over graffiti on mailboxes and other things in the area. Last week, an postal worker was spotted painting over the Captain’s work with official government paint. Sanchez spotted another work by “Mr. X” – the Captain’s nom de comment – a traffic signal box (pictured).

In a phrase coining post, Only in Brooklyn: Hand-painted artisinal mailboxes, Sanchez writes:

The Brooklyn Heights Blog has introduced the Internet to one “Captain Cleanup,” an anonymous painter who took it upon himself to repaint two neglected mailboxes in the neighborhood. Going by the remarkable detail recently spotted at a stoplight at Montague and Clinton (above), it seems the Captain has struck again!

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  • mlcraryville

    About ten years ago a couple of us other cleanup guys redid a number of po boxes. The PO actually provided the paint and they’d probably do it again, if asked.

  • AEB

    I did some time removing graffiti from a box at the southwest corner of Hicks and Middagh. Alas, it’s been re-scribbled upon.

    Captain Cleanup, are you listening? Please?!

  • Quinn Raymond

    I love the trim paint job on that traffic control box. How do we help this guy?

  • chicagokath314