Ugly Betty Coming to Montague Street


BHB tipster Chuck Taylor tells us that ABC’s Ugly Betty will be shooting next Wednesday on  Montague Street from Hicks to Montague Terrace.  The smash hit TV show stars Brooklyn Heights resident Ana Ortiz.

If you’re parked there on Tuesday night, remember to move your car by 7pm or you’ll be towed!

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  • Pierrepont

    It seems that not everyone is equally pleased by this. I was out running errands earlier and saw one of these notices ripped in half, laying in the gutter along Pierrepont St.

  • RatNYC

    Its beyond my understanding why these people need or are allowed to block parking on half Montague street (from Henry to the Promenade), all of Montague Terrace and Pierrepoint Pl, Remsen Street from the promenade to, at least Hicks, maybe all the way to Henry, and a Hicks St from Remsen to Pierrepoint. Do they really need to block 4 full squares of the neighborhood for 24 hrs to shoot a stupid tv show?

  • Zeke

    This is really bad. Let’s say we are happy to have this inconvenience and we gladly move our cars. Where are they all supposed to move to????!!!! I have to use my vehicle for work Wednesday morning and I have no idea where I will be able to park Tuesday night. They have taken up all of Pierrepont, Remsen and Montague from Clinton to the Promenade!!!

  • nelson

    Thank the mayors office for once again selling us out.