Actor Sean Penn Testifies For Release Of Imprisoned Brooklyn Heights Man

Actor & activist Sean Penn testified Monday before a U.S. House Foreign Affairs subcommittee that a Brooklyn Heights businessman being held in Bolivia is a “Dead Man Walking.” Jacob Ostreicher, 54, has been held without charge for nearly two years in the South American country and remains under house arrest even though 13 of his accusers are now in prison, according to today’s New York Daily News.

Penn—who won an Oscar for his role in the film “Dead Man Walking”—told lawmakers that Ostreicher is in danger because Bolivian enemies want to kill him: “I believe Jacob’s life is in danger as we sit here today.” Further, Penn testified Monday that the detainee told him, “These (expletives) want to kill me. I’m too dangerous to them as a witness.”

See Facebook page: Free Jacob Ostreicher

Ostreicher was initially arrested on suspicion of money laundering and spent 18 months in a Palmasola prison. Penn has been pushing for Ostreicher’s release and persuaded Bolivia’s leftist president, Evo Morales, to move the businessman out of prison and arrest the officials who put him there, the News says. But he remains behind bars.

Penn adds that those who imprisoned Ostreicher have made off with $27 million in assets from his company. He suggests the U.S. government should intervene: “We’re at a point where we don’t want to look back and say, ‘We should have.’” (Photo: Facebook)

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  • Arch Stanton

    Is that really a worthy cause to rally for? I know the story here does not have all the info to form a final opinion, but “Bolivia” and “money laundering” kind of tell a tale of “You play with fire your gonna get burned”….

  • Wait A Minute

    1) Many of these people participate in a world wide ring that has been well-documented by many governments, including the U.S., creating an underground economy that facilitates crimes, evades taxes, and results in access to entitlements that otherwise would be unwarranted. We want to jail these people. 2) The fact that Sean Penn is testifying on his behalf increases the likelihood that the guy is up to no good, as Penn is a thug, U.S. basher and commie sympathizer. The last time he testified on behalf of an overseas prisoner, it was for Lori Berenesen, a hapless Upper West Side revolutionary who decided to export her terroristic ways to aid the Shining Path terrorists in Peru and ended up in prison in Peru. Just sayin’.