Boccelism Fells Barristers


1.jpgWhile Homer Fink and Brigate Bocce were out caroling in the Heights Saturday night, Boccelism repeated as champs of the Floyd NY Bocce League beating number one ranked Old Dirty Barristers in the  Fall Championship Match.

The day's matches were not as predictable as the final pairing. Newcomers Veni Vidi Bocce made it to the Final Four before falling to Boccelism. There was even a "newsworthy lay" (pictured) which prompted a do-over in the match (as per the rules). Kudos also to Sweet Meats who played brilliantly against all their competition in the playoffs. 

The Sweet Meats handed a heartbreaking defeat to If You Want My Bocce, who despite all the faux trash talk with Fink, didn't deserve to go out so quietly. In a post game pep talk Captain Dan was heard telling his team "You wore Rod well."  Indeed.

Update: IYWMB's Dan writes on the team's blog today about the Championship Match:

Team Rod decided to go drown its misery in Grimaldi's pizza. By the time we arrived back to Floyd, the final that no one wanted was underway. Boccelism vs. ODB. Snooze.Once again, Boccelism won. Again. 3 in a row. The Yankees this team is. A juggernaut. The cream of the crop. Too bad for them that they are not universally loved and had to import non-bocce folks to root for them. They were sick of the booing that they had to endure during the last championship victory over Team Rod. Oh well, I'm sure they would choose to be feared rather than loved. 

Brigate Bocce capo Fink was able to catch some of the day's competition before leaving to join TwoFones and friends in caroling. "Vorrei dire che il bocce Veni Vidi Bocce e rappresentare molto bene la patria." Fink then pointed to a scoresheet showing that his Brigate Bocce had defeated VVV during the regular season.

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