Hungry Hack Hits Heights

Famous Fat Dave is a "cabbie" who gives gluttonous tours of the five boroughs and writes a food blog.  Two of the stops on his "Midnight Munchies" tour are in Brooklyn Heights. Gawker took the tour with Mr. FFD and reports on it this week:

famous fat daveGawker: Midnight Munchies with Famous Fat Dave: First stop was Henry Street Ale House in Brooklyn Heights for fried pickles and tartar sauce. Hot enough that you almost forget what you're eating until the fried casing slips off. Here Ken offered his simple eating philosophy: "Fry it up, I'll eat it." After deep probing of the considered possibilities, his list included asparagus, apples, cactus, and even chicken.

We skip straight to dessert when we arrive at the Atlantic Chip Shop to eat fried Twix and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Twix was the overwhelming favorite, mostly likely due to its cookie-center that preserved shape and crunch. Fried Reese's, on the other hand, had a gooey exoskeleton quality to it.

Hungry Cabbie Brooklyn Heights Archives: Milo and the Giant Sausage [Hungry Cabbie Blog]

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