It’s On: FloydNY Bocce Finals Today


While fans of Brigate Bocce are still crying in their Peroni, the FloydNY Fall Bocce Finals resume today at noon.

Here's the schedule:

Noon: Cobra Kai vs Veni Vidi Bocce

12:45: Boccelism vs Excessive Force

1:30 Coffee Flats Terrors vs Old Dirty Barristers

2:15 Sweet Meats vs If You Want My Bocce

3PM Cobra Kai/VVB vs Boccelism/Excessive Force

3:45 CFT/ODB vs Sweet Meats/IYWMB 

4:30 Championship Game 

1.jpgThe underdogs in today's matches are those not in the top 4 seeds: Veni Vidi Bocce, Excessive Force, Coffee Flats Terrors and If You Want My Bocce. After consulting with our bookie, Poppa Fink, we've determined that seasoned bettors will be drawn to the lowest seed Excessive Force who entered competition ranked 17th. Their impressive victory over Joanie Loves Bocce makes them a long shot bettor's dream.

However, only an adrenalin junkie would bet against last season's champs Boccelism (pictured). Half of Brigate Bocce got to scrimage against two members of the team last night and were blown away by their Zen focus on the game. They don't roll angry and they are one with the ball. 

Our pick for the final matchup – ODB vs Boccelism. 

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  • Qfwfq

    So…who won?

  • Irma DeBonis

    I think Boccelism is the beest team because they have the cute asian ringer!