84th Precinct Police Blotter – 4/17/13

Hey there, it’s the “better late than never” edition of this week’s dispatches from the 84. Since I’m already behind schedule I’ll cut to the chase.

Two straphangers had their iPhones stolen while slumbering on the subway–the first happened last Friday at approximately 4:30 a.m. on a northbound F train; cops cuffed a 20-year-old who was held by the victim and witnesses as he tried to flee. The second occurred the next day at approximately 2:30 a.m. on a southbound Q train. That perp is still at large, and is described as about 20 years old and carrying a Hello Kitty bag.

On April 8th, a 42-year-old woman reported that a new debit card sent by TD Bank bypassed her and made it into the hands of a thief who withdrew $2,946.

Nefarious types looking for a little glamour hit sparkly paydirt when they jacked a car full of cosmetics parked on Washington and York. The victim, described as a 34-year-old woman from Great Neck, reported $10,000 worth of Mac makeup stolen from a black rolling bag kept in the trunk; items included 50 Eye Saloon eyeshadows, 25 bottles of foundation, three Mac Bristles brush sets (totaling $1,500?), 100 lipsticks at $2,500, and 25 eye shadow sets at $1,250. Be on the lookout for some smoky-eyed Miss Demeanors.

On April 19th, a 32-year-old Connecticut man parked his $93,000 Porsche Panamera at 280 Bergen St., only to find it gone by the time he returned, An outstanding summons was on the vehicle, though calls to the Redemption Lot (I love that name) at the Navy Yard came up empty. Also missing was the owner’s $9,800 Rolex Daytona. A Porsche Panamera and Rolex Daytona sound like things you have when you wear Tommy Bahama and eat cheeseburgers in paradise.

On a smaller but more violent scale, a 16-year-old girl tried to steal $47 black leggings from Dr. Jay’s at 479 Fulton St., then punched the officer who tried to arrest her. Ironically, at the moment I read this report I heard “FREEDOM!” yelled from inside the Crime Analysis office. Turns out they were watching Braveheart.

A 22-year-old man left his Court St. apartment on the morning of April 8th, and later returned to find several expensive electronic devices stolen, including a $900 iPad, $200 e-reader, and $500 MacBook. Also lifted were a $1,000 pair of eyeglasses, and something called a “replica souvenir gun” valued at $150.

Finally, an ATM heist occurred at 50 Hoyt St. that was so bizarre I transcribed it directly from the report. (I kept the jargon intact so that you, the reader, can have a “You Are There” experience–specifically, what it’s like to sit at a desk at the 84 and transcribe reports for a police blotter.)
At T/P/O suspect did break open the front door of an ATM on a public sidewalk. Witness #1 stated he observed suspect standing near ATM winding a metal chain running from the rear bumper of a black Suburban-type vehicle to the front of the ATM, and suspect got into the driver’s seat of said vehicle and fled location dragging the chain behind. Witness #2 states he heard a loud crash outside and then observed a person get into a dark van or SUV and flee the location while dragging a chain from this vehicle and saw Witness #1 following him. Reporter states money drawer containing $7,810 was removed from the ATM W/O P/A. Reporter states ATM is damaged and unrepairable, and will cost $3,000 to replace. Canvass reveals five (5) cameras I/F/O on the side of 200 Schermerhorn St. Suspect fled S/B on Hoyt St onto W/B Atlantic Avenue, onto E/B BQE, disregarding several red lights along the way. Canvass conducted negative results. Possible partial NC plate given by Witness #1.

And that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • Andrew Porter

    So, Heather, how’s the job hunt going?

  • Wiley E.

    So, crime does pay for some.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.quinlan Heather Quinlan

    Thanks for asking! A lot of possible work, nothing concrete yet. On the plus side, my New York accent film is debuting next month so I’ve been spending a lot of time promoting it.

  • Hicks St Guy

    would like to see it, good luck!
    (really enjoy your crime desk reports)

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    Temporarily, Wiley. Temporarily.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.quinlan Heather Quinlan

    I guess I should start posting about it. Here’s the link with the ticket info. http://aobff-docblock.eventbrite.com/