Area Man Writes Verse About Apartment Search, Posts Around In Brooklyn Heights

Twitter user Daniel Kanter (@danielkanter) snapped a photo of an “open letter” to Brooklyn Heights from “James Carpenter” who claims to someone who would like to continue living in the neighborhood. However it appears that circumstances are not allowing him to say. He writes in verse that reminds us of a certain singer from Manchester, but that’s another story indeed. But if you have five seconds to spare, his note reads:

Dear fellow residents (and landlords) of
This neighborhood, which I’ve so grown to love,

Though now I’m moving (much against my will),
I’ve like it here too much to leave until
I’ve tried each way I can, to say nearby;
And this is one that I have yet to try

What makes this neighborhood of our so good
Is that it truly is a neighborhood,
With real, live human neighbors in it – so,
Neighbors, I ask: Do any of you know
Of any vacancy of house or flat,
That might befit a young man and his cat?

About myself: I’m thirty, spare and tall:
Of pretty easy habits, all in all;
Employed at modest (though quite steady) pay
Proofreading for an agency by day;
A reader/writer/draftsman/craftsman/cook
Who, evenings, likes a bourbon and a book;
Who doesn’t put loug music on at night;
Whose cat is an eccentric; but polite;
Who’s slow to ire, and quick to make a friend;
Who’d like to move late – April/May, and spend
About a grand a month (though he can go
A bit above that – or, of course, below);
Whose information follows this; and who
Would be obliged for any back, from you.


James Carpenter
luckyjimcarpenter AT

Here’s Kanter’s Tweet:

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  • Arch Stanton

    I see your future and it looks like “Bushwick”.

  • Joe A

    That literally made me lol.

  • fit4ufor3rd

    try a different hood. many and most of them are “neighborhoods” too.

  • ColumbiaHeightster


  • fit4ufor3rd

    if you cant find what you are looking for there in that price range, then why not. so many BH PS people have no idea what my end (southeast bk) has to offer. its very limiting if you dont look around. this from someone who has moved 15 times in her life, all around brooklyn. i am now permanent in my own home : )

  • David on Middagh

    “…verse that reminds us of a certain singer from Manchester…”

  • MonroeOrange

    Arch…you nailed it!..for $1,000 a month, we all want that!…while the approach he is using is amusing…give me a break, we all want to pay less!

  • QQ

    I especially like how this adorable guy stapled his ads to living trees. What a neighborhood kind of guy.

  • Teecher

    Chaucer was from London!

  • Arch Stanton

    In reality, it will be hard for him to find an apartment for $1000 a month, even in Bushwick.

  • GHB

    I hope the trees go all WIZARD OF OZ on his a$$

  • David on Middagh

    Oh, then it has to be Morrissey. I thought that was a mis-link.