Activity at 186 Remsen Street

One of our eagle-eyed readers spotted some activity at the 186 Remsen building. To wit: “There are no longer any ‘for lease’ signs in the windows, which are all covered over with paper. There is also a dumpster in front of the building.”

I went over there today and found a worker knee-deep in the dumpster. “Has the building been bought?” I asked. “Not yet, but talk to the owners, 44 Court ” he told me. A call to 44 Court (aka Joseph P Day Realty) has yet to be returned, but as luck would have it, I then ran into the BHA’s Judy Stanton, who told me she thought they were trying to get the interior into shape before making the building available. According to Joseph P Day’s website, the building is indeed still on the market. 186 Remsen is part of the Borough Hall Skyscraper District.

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  • markintheHeights

    always thought this building was worth saving…hopefully something will be done before it’s beyond repair

  • Andrew Porter

    I guess I have eagle eyes, now. Spotted the changes while shopping at Perelandra, across the street.

  • GHB

    This building could house a very nice library

  • Wiley E.

    We already have a very nice library. It just needs new air-conditioning, some security people, and a good cleaning crew. Simple fix.

  • MonroeOrange

    what was the building before?