Mid-day Walk Photos

Having slept in for a while this morning, I got a somewhat later start than usual on my Saturday walk, heading out shortly before noontime. As I walked, I noticed that the Forsythia, which were just beginning to bloom last week, and pear blossoms, which were not to be seen then, were profuse along Hicks street near Grace Court.

A flower box on Joralemon between Hicks and Willow Place.

The French frigate Aquitaine docked at Pier 7. Read more about her on Cobble Hill Blog.

Soccer action on Pier 5, as seen from Pier 6, with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

A tour group walking up the new pedestrian bridge from the Pier 1 uplands to Squibb Park.

Lots of birds were resting on the pilings at the south end of Pier 1.

A heart shaped wreath decorates the door at 23 Middagh Street. Clay Lancaster’s Old Brooklyn Heights notes that this house was listed in the 1834 city directory, so it was evidently built before then.

Walking along Middagh Street, I noticed that the lettering on the “candy factory” building, 20 Henry Street (corner of Middagh) had been restored to what must approximate its original brilliance.

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  • Lori

    The French sailors were at Montero’s Friday night. How come we don’t have the money for Fleet Week this year, but France does???

  • lois

    It was a cold, damp morning so you were probably better off getting a later start. You seem to have taken a different route this time, also. Thanks for the pictures.

  • http://twitter.com/rimler marshasrimler

    Wonderful turn out at our save the libraries yesterday in front of the branch on Cadman Plaza. There is serious crony capitalism between the Brooklyn and New York Public Libraries brought to us by those that began the recession. Speculators,Bankers and Developers supported by the BHA and the current administration of Friends of the Brooklyn Heights Library want to destroy our library system and give the land to developers. Serious investigations need to take place . The DA needs to look at the donations that look like a pay to play system used by the elite to turn the libraries into development sites. The DA can start right here in the Heights

  • Boerum Bill

    I’ve noticed many “comments closed”s lately. Really bummed I keep missing out on the thread smack downs. Homer, you should start a separate blog featuring these.

  • Wiley E.

    Thanks, Claude for taking the time and showing us the local beauty all around us. You have a wonderful talent for photography. Thanks for sharing the images with us.

  • Guest

    Marsha, remember, Judy Stanton and the BHA’s Board of Trustees, the
    haughty Grand Poobahs, who rein over the Heights, and who the electeds
    bow down to because of their deep pockets, sold out the people and
    advocated for luxury high-rise condos inside the Brooklyn Bridge Park,
    so why should you not be surprised that they sold out to the Government
    development agencies and the developers at the expense of the people who
    need and use the library? We all know that the owners of the condos in
    the park will have too much clout as to what activities go into the
    park. We can expect signs to be posted that say “No Basketball Thumping
    Allowed,” or “Only Quiet Children Allowed.”

    The electeds do
    their bidding because they think that the BHA is the Hts and that all of
    the residents group-think along the same lines as the BHA’s “stand” on
    issues. Despite what their website says, their Members have little say
    in the decision making process, nor can they ask questions about
    important neighborhood issues at their one pubic meeting each year, as
    the meeting is scripted. It would be too messy and democratic for the
    BHA to have a truly open public meeting asking for input from their
    Members on the “stands” that they take.

    Unfortunately, losing the
    library is not a Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera. BHA’s highfalutin
    Trustees forget that there are ordinary working class peons, who don’t
    have Apple TV to enjoy movies, or iPads to read books, and need the
    library every day to read papers, ck out books and ck emails, and
    students and business people need and use the library to study or do

  • val

    Beautiful, Claude!

  • http://twitter.com/bkheightsblog brooklynheightsblog

    We are deleting all off topic comments from this thread. Please make you comments under the appropriate posts and familiarize yourselves with our terms of use.


  • BrooklynBugle

    Those are links to Cobble Hill Blog. Feel free to comment your face off there as well.