84th Police Precinct Blotter – 4/2/2013

A woman’s backpack is stolen from her car, but what’s more surprising are the contents inside. It’s this week’s blotter.

Not much new to report on my trip to the 84 this morning, except I guess I’m reaching that age where everyone looks like they’ve gone straight from the 5th grade into the workforce. Such was the case with the officer who was manning the front desk when I arrived. At least he didn’t call me ma’am. Moving on …

On March 28th, a shopper at Rainbow looked in her purse and noticed her wallet was gone, including what was noted as a $225 monthly metro card. I knew the fares went up but I didn’t think a monthly card was that expensive–some Googling showed that perhaps they meant a monthly card on Metro North?

I also tried a bit of Google sleuthing regarding a robbery at the MTA HQ at 130 Livingston St. The report listed such missing items as “Memory card reader, $320″; and “Sony 64G memory card, $610.” Those are top-dollar prices, I usually spend about $40 for a memory card and the same for a reader. But I am a broke vanguard filmmaker, not the MTA, that could be the difference. Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong. Perhaps BHB contributor/NYC Transit photographer weegee knows the answer?

A gruesome assault took place on March 25th around 7p.m. at the Art Institute dorm, when a 24-year-old man was stabbed in the earlobe with a pen. The argument started when the perp got into an argument the victim, who had previously gotten into an argument with the perp’s sister. The victim was treated at LICH while the perp is at large.

On Thursday at approximately 5 p.m., a thief made off with $12,000 worth of jewelry from Lora’s Jewelers. According to the report, one $6,000 white gold chain with diamonds was stolen, as well as one $6,000 Jesus face charm with diamonds. Click here if you don’t know what a Jesus face charm is.

There was another locker room theft at the YMCA last week, where a wallet and BlackBerry were somehow pilfered from a locked locker. So I’ve written the blotter twice since I got laid off (have I mentioned?), and the score is now YMCA 2, Planet Fitness 0. Planet Fitness is going to have to work hard and put in 110% if it wants to catch up to the Y’s 2-game streak. To inspire Planet Fitness, I’ve included this training montage from Rocky IV.

On Sunday the 24th, a 26-year-old man put his wallet down to play basketball at McLaughlin Park, and before you can say, “Don’t go into the basement!” the wallet was gone.

On the same day and at roughly the same time, a 29-year-old woman parked her car outside of 211 Schermerhorn for a few hours–when she returned, she saw the passenger-side window was smashed and her backpack stolen. I am surprised the victim then told the police the actual contents of the bag, and that she herself was not arrested: six Pink concert tickets; handcuffs; something written in the report as “Dancake holtser Cobra” which I later figured out was a “Pancake holster for a Cobra .380″; switchblade; pocket knife; and JVC camcorder.

On Monday the 18th, a 22-year-old reported that his ATM card was stolen and that purchases had been made, which is no surprise considering he also said he taped his PIN number to the back. And that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • Judith

    Heather – It is truly a pleasure to have you back on the Blotter. I’m only sorry that it doesn’t pay.

  • henrystreeter

    I did not realize how much I missed reading these and the associated commentary, glad to have you back

  • heightsC

    OK..this made me laugh this morning…thank you!

  • Wiley E.


  • Andrew Porter

    I can’t believe the stupidity of some people who lost items. Put your wallet down to play basketball? Why, does that affect your jumping ability? Leave the crown jewels in a backpack in the pope-mobile, then park it somewhere? Isn’t that what the trunk is for? I dunno.

    I’d say I hope you get a day job back soon, but you’re so darned entertaining!

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.quinlan Heather Quinlan

    Thanks everyone! And don’t worry, the way the economy has been going I’ll probably be doing the blotter for awhile.