North Brooklyn Heights Tree Trimming In A Word: Loud

Crews took to the streets of the North Heights earlier this week to trim trees around Middagh, Willow and Cranberry Streets among others. Anyone fortunate enough to be around the area any time after 8 AM got to experience the loud drone of chainsaws.

David on Middagh also noted in this week’s Open Thread Wednesday:

The tree pruners hit Middagh St. yesterday. I am no expert, but looking at the tree outside, the amputations look raw to me. Does a cut of four-to-six inches in diameter need sealing? It’s a four-story oak, with a couple such cuts (one vertical, one horizontal).

Photo: Mrs. Fink

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  • Lois

    There’s so much construction going on in the Heights lately, that when I heard the noise and saw the crane, I thought it was more construction, but then I saw them moving down Willow all the way to Pierrepont Street.

  • Andrew Porter

    Lots of sawdust on north Heights streets give evidence of their wide-ranging work yesterday.

  • DIBS

    New Yorkers are never happpy unless they have something to complain about., Let me clue you in….chain saws ARE loud. As much as you’d like to keep these streets historically correct, they are not going to use the two man saws on these trees!!!!

  • John Kimbrough

    We all sometimes forget all of the wonderful things that we have in our life to be both thankful for and treasure…..Tree trimmers come and go, as do garbage men, stores and shops on Montague Street, and even husbands/boyfriends and wives/girlfriends.

  • GHB


  • carlotta

    Let’s add jackhammers to the noise each morning this week…nevertheless, thanks to the Parks Dept. and citizens who spot the limbs to be removed and even to the jackhammerers for fixing whatever needed it. Hope it’s all finished very soon.