One BBP Could Score Residential Record High Price For Heights

A combined penthouse unit and 3-bedroom 4-bath condo below at One Brooklyn Bridge Park could set a record-breaking residential price tag for Brooklyn Heights. According to a story in the New York Daily News, MNS CEO Andrew Barrocas is close to signing a $9 million contract for the duplex.

One Brooklyn Bridge Park, at 360 Furman Street, is located within Brooklyn Bridge Park across from Pier 6. “If sold, the combined unit would likely go to contract in the $9 million range, a record for a Brooklyn condominium,” reports real estate guru Jason Sheftell in the Daily News. Barrocas notes, “There is someone interested in combining a penthouse and the apartment on the floor below. What this says is the Brooklyn high-end is on fire. Prices are going one way, and that’s up. We’re having lots of bidding wars on the last few apartments left in the building.”

Listed at $4.25 million, one of the units, 1302, offers 2,687sf and a wrap-around terrace with Manhattan skyline views. Developed by RAL Companies, One Brooklyn Bridge is a former Jehovah’s Witness printing plant converted to 449 condo units.

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  • Joe A

    According to Gerry, nobody wants to live there. You know, it’s in a flood zone.

  • Jorale-man

    Whatever happened to Gerry? But I do wonder about the hype around BBP. There are a couple downsides I can see. The nearest big grocery store or drug store is at least a 10-15 minute walk. Same goes with the subway. I know there’s a shuttle van but I can’t imagine it runs all the time. But then again, views and park setting probably count for a lot.

  • Strauss

    I’m a very happy 3-year resident of OBBP. Of course, it’s farther from the subway and much of the Heights than I’d like. As a former resident of Love Lane, I do miss that. But, the quiet is wonderful, the views are terrific, the breeze off the water is delicious, A/C and W/D in my unit, the service and amenities of the building rock, and the community within the building is very pleasant. So, while it’s obviously not for everybody, it is for me, and it is also for several hundred other very happy families.
    We are hardening our systems for a future Sandy level event. It will cost us about $1 million, which is actually small potatoes for a building of this size (it can be done with the reserves already built into our maintenance fees). Once hardened, all of our systems will survive such an event without need for repairs.
    For anybody to say that “nobody wants to live there” is, of course, hyperbole. There are hundreds of people who do live here, and the pricing (which reflects demand) has been going up handsomely since the original post-crash markdown. I disliked living on Love Lane because of the CVS deliveries and the kids hanging out and smoking, and prefer OBBP. Presumably, the folks living on Love Lane prefer Love Lane to here. To each his own…

  • Gerry

    Gerry moved to Fairfeild, CT. a McMansion on dry ground no flood zones for us thankyou.

  • Arch Stanton

    Someone tell the hotdog vendor, the coast is now clear.

  • Wiley E.

    Did you order the large fries and super-size soda with that purchase also?

  • Joe A

    I thought it seemed a lot less stuffy around Montague Terrace these days. Did the au pair move with you?

  • Gerry

    @ Wiley E. – yes at our house everything is BIG.

  • Gerry

    No one wants to live in a flood. zone This article is a real estate broker playing games. OBBP continues to have its problems. NO retail tenant will pay anything to lease here due to Hurricane Sandy. Insurance rates are VERY high. NOT a great place to live.

  • Gerry

    @ Joe A – We are still on Montague Terrace what we have done is close the place up for a while until I can find a good tenant

  • Gerry

    @ Arch – the Hot Dog Vendor will not be back but if he does come back I will be on the phone with NYPD Gold Street Comanding Officer FAST he will get rid of the vendor FAST just like the last time. It is good to have freinds in places like NYPD.

  • Gerry

    Not to mention sky-high insurance premiums and retail space that is nearly impossible to rent at anything near market rates due to floods, etc. The “hype” is not at all hype a real estate broker planted that hype article – sales at OBBP remain sluggish. And dont shoot the messenger!

  • Wrong

    Total nonsense – 92% occupied now.

  • MonroeOrange

    Gerry, welcome back, we missed your comments! And by the way, you have no friends in the NYPD…trust me, they laugh at your ludicrous complaints the second you hang up.

    But again, welcome back, you are definitely responsible for the increase in this site’s traffic when you comment, and judging from the lack of comments on open thread Wednesdays you surely will increase readership again.

  • Robert Moses

    OBBP is a great place to live! Don’t need WINS or WCBS for traffic or weather reports, can see BQE and BB right out the window (if you stand on tippytoes or duck to avoid those mullions). Is it true the Swimming Pool Barge idea is being replaced by OBBP Flooded Basement/Subbasement idea instead? Do cars float?

  • Wiley E.

    Yeah, especially your head. Where is the big swimming pool you lust for?

  • Onik

    Interestingly, MNS is the real estate group that brought about OBBP. Either the CEO of MNS is getting a discount on a great property, or he’s single handily trying to boost numbers (residential record) of OBBP.

    Playing devil’s advocate, I think it’s the latter of the two. With this purchase, OBBP breaks records, gets press, and sells more. He also gets wrap-around views of Manhattan. It’s good to be CEO.