ICYMI: #SaveLICH Meeting at Kane Street Synagogue

Community leaders, residents, elected officials and union members gathered at the Kane Street Synagogue on Valentine’s Day to rally support for LICH, which is in danger of being shut down. According to one attendee, 357 people were in attendance.

Among them, Brooklyn Heights resident and blogger Michael DD White who writes on Noticing New York:

What I heard at the meeting was this:
• The community needs its hospital.
• The doctors and financial staff affiliated with the hospital are pretty well convinced they won’t have problems operating the hospital in the financial black if SUNY Downstate would just leave them alone to do it, thank you very much.
• That the integration of LICH into the SUNY Downstate system, which was ostensibly for the purpose of ensuring the future of LICH, has had the opposite effect.
• That instead of a good faith effort to run LICH as a successful hospital, a plan of asset stripping was being implemented almost immediately. That meant, among other things, that no money was invested in the hospital with any significant expenditures being made (theoretically for the hospital) directed exclusively to portable assets that could easily be removed from the site when the secretly envisioned closure that was being worked toward takes effect.
• That to those in power pursuing this course of action, the attraction of shutting the hospital down is to create a real estate deal, a sell-off, that will strip the real estate as the final asset out of the health care resources available in the surrounding neighborhood. This doesn’t recognize that, when used for a necessary community hospital, the real estate has greater value to Brooklyn’s Northwest communities than the construction of more high-end condos. (Elsewhere in Brooklyn, including at the other end of Brooklyn Heights, – with sort of a bookending effect- public property is similarly being sold off to shrink the library system for the purpose of creating real estate deals.)

Earlier in the week, White took a deeper look at the issue.

As for the meeting itself, here’s the Tale of the Tweets.

#SaveLICH Meeting at Kane Street Synagogue 2/14/13

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle· Mon, Feb 18 2013 18:00:58

TONIGHT: Community forum 2 #SaveLICH 6-8pm @ Kane St Synagogue (bt Court & Clinton) w/ @nynurses @DanielSquadron @nychange @bradlanderStephen Levin
Agnes Pano, RN: #LICH is #Open4Care – and we’re fighting to keep it that way. We will fight till we win! #SaveLICH http://pic.twitter.com/2CqAsYI5NYSNA
Huge crowd to #SaveLICH at Kane St Synagogue in #Brooklyn #nyc. Thx to Joan Millman @DanielSquadron & @nynurses #fb http://pic.twitter.com/N1whwHR0Paul Newell
Hundreds of caregivers patients and neighbors chant "#SaveLICH!" We are the movement to keep #LICH #Open4Care http://pic.twitter.com/SqxjNHZNNYSNA
At Kane St Synagogue 4 #SaveLICH mtg w@nynurses, @nychange & allies. Hospital used by many who access our BK drop-in http://pic.twitter.com/iBaOl3ILVOCAL-NY
Concerned Physicians of #LICH standing in solidarity w @nynurses & ppl of #Brooklyn #nyc to #SaveLICH! #fb http://pic.twitter.com/UePbPzJOPaul Newell
Packed houses at #SaveLICH comm forum w @nynurses and @PolDirNYCC #happyvalentinesdayAshley Thompson
Assembly member Joan Millman rebutting the lies about #LICH. Hospital was full and saves lives. #SaveLICH #nyc #fb http://pic.twitter.com/EFQNCXQzPaul Newell
.@VOCALNewYork in solidarity to #SaveLICH. #Brooklyn #nyc #HealthCareVote2013 #fb http://pic.twitter.com/kFtexI3DPaul Newell
Just saw Sen. Squadron come in to talk abt why we need to #savelichBridget Cusick
@DanielSquadron joins a packed house to #SaveLICH and keep it #Open4Care! http://pic.twitter.com/jz2DvQB1NYSNA
My State Senator, @DanielSquadron , leading in the fight to #saveLICH. #Brooklyn #nyc #HealthCareVote2013 #fb http://pic.twitter.com/REAxLbwWPaul Newell
Brownstone BK packed the house w/ 1 simple message #SaveLICH! A healthy community must have a community hospital! http://pic.twitter.com/Cf1NIJeSLincoln Restler
@nynurses #SaveLICH stop @FrankenCuomo ! http://pic.twitter.com/oqVniFUQItgirls4Revolution
@danhlutz this is what democracy looks like #SaveLICH stop @FrankenCuomo . #lich http://pic.twitter.com/lb3Ia0UrItgirls4Revolution
EMT: the move to close #LICH is a racist attack on #redhook #Brooklyn. #saveLICH!Dan Lutz
EMT: our job is not to beg. It’s to tell the governor and the dept of health that #LICH is open and we’re going to keep it open! #saveLICHDan Lutz
#CobbleHill Assoc: "Closing #LICH is a naked land grab." #saveLICH #HealthCareVote2013 #Brooklyn #nyc #fbPaul Newell
Jill Furillo of @nynurses declares: "#LICH is open for care!" #SaveLICH #Brooklyn #nyc #fb #HealthCareVote2013 http://pic.twitter.com/nTEqOAjZPaul Newell
@CobbleHillAssoc chk @nynurses at our town forum . This is what democracy looks like! #SaveLICH stop @FrankenCuomo http://pic.twitter.com/kgegZBsCItgirls4Revolution
Packed community mtng tonight on #LICH. We will not close! #SaveLICH http://pic.twitter.com/b5erL6SUDaniel Squadron
Final count at Kane St Synagogue to #SaveLICH and keep it #Open4Care: 357 ppl on the sign-in list.NYSNA

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  • HenryLoL

    LET IT GO. IT IS A DUMP. Let me guess… The fight to ‘save’ this place is union led. Yeah, ok, whatever.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    HenryLoL – that’s fine that you don’t want to save the hospital — but many of us feel otherwise — neighbors of yours that depend on this hospital.

  • Guest

    HenryLoL: I bet you won’t call it a dump if you suffer a stroke or heart attack in the middle of the night, are quickly evaluated, treated and transported there by LICH EMS…and the dedicated staff saves your life. Let me guess… You are generally angry.. LoL ;)

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I just read that a NY Judge Betsy Barros has issued a temporary restraining order stopping the SUNY from closing LICH, pending further hearings.

  • Wiley E.


  • Joe A

    Another brilliant response that we have grown to expect from HenryLoL

  • MonroeOrange

    sounds like this is Gerry’s new alias….Henry, when you have an emergency and minutes matter, you will be singing a different tune.