Outdoor Pianos To Return This Summer

According to Fox News 6/AP the outdoor pianos last seen the summer before last will return this summer to various locations in New York City, thanks to a donation by Greek yogurt maker Chobani to Sing for Hope, “a grassroots group of over 1,000 artists who volunteer to make art broadly accessible to everyone.” The Fox News story doesn’t say if a piano will once again be placed in Brooklyn Bridge Park, or if our friend Adam Suerte will once again be asked to decorate one, but we hope both will prove true.

Karl Junkersfeld offers a video summary below!

Pianos Are Back In 2013 to Pier One BBP from Karl Junkersfeld on Vimeo.

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  • R Lynd

    I lived in the Heights for 40 yrs up to 2003, During the 80;s and 90;s I had to bring a few of our guest to LICH Emergency Rm. Service was responsive and well managed. During the same period a number of Heights residents were very involved with LICH;. as Board members, (generous) donors and volunteers. some were very generous donors. Fast forward to June 2011: I brought a family down from upstate to pick up their college grad daughter who had just come in from a tirip to Russia. The girl had problems during the night and i brought them all to LICH Emergency Rm at midday on Sunday 6/12/2011. The scene was unbelievable. The examining room had blood spattered on its floor and walls, the (unisex) bathroom had a (used) condom on its floor, the charge nurse was not available, and

    the general scene was almost out of an 18th century English charnel house. Why should NYS taxpayers a hospital like this, when even Downstate itself is hemorrhaging money.

    Former 200 HIcks Resident

  • David on Middagh

    Free pianos?

  • Adam Suerte

    Thanks for the mention Claude! Artists have to go through an application process, which I did. I was very lucky to score the Brooklyn Bridge Park position 2 years ago, getting it again would be awesome, we’ll see. In the meantime here is a good shot of the last one