Playing the Piano of Hope: “These Foolish Things”

Yesterday afternoon Brooklyn Heights resident Lois Hedlund played “These Foolish Things”, a 1930s hit by the British songwriters Eric Maschwitz (under his pen name, Holt Marvell) and Jack Strachey, on the Adam Suerte decorated “Piano of Hope” on the Pier 1 esplanade, Brooklyn Bridge Park. The piano will be in place through next Saturday, July 2. Video after the jump.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Nice job Lois, I love that song.

  • nabeguy

    And nice work on the piano by Adam, BTW, does anyone know who the twin brothers are? I’ve seen them around the Heights for years and have always been intrigued by their closeness, and not just resemblance-wise. They mirror each other so well, they almost seem like Siamese twins.

  • Barbara

    Way to go, Lois! A great job…..I loved it!

  • AL

    @Nabeguy Robert (2nd to appear) and Ronnie are identical twins (who don’t look identical). Robert lives here and his brother visits frequently. Nice, fun-loving people.

    Brava, Lois!

  • michael

    beautiful playing & a great song. is anyone familiar with Bryan Ferry’s version? it’s quite unique & he gives it a different mood.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    C’mon do some serious material….let’s hear some Jerry Lee music

    “14-25 and 40-98 I threw a Rock & Roll party on my last birthdate”

    ” Dont put no headstone on my grave”

    “Help Mr Fireman please…she’s got me burning from my head to
    my knees..”

    (by the way, just put in anything like Jerry Lee Lewis tributes or
    JLL Imitators in You Tube-and…WOW there like 20 GOOD JLL
    tribute acts playing in Europe. Really check out Darren Green
    and Micki Muster!!!!!! Amazing! people are now WRITING songs
    which are Intended from scratch to be JLL appropriate Material!)

  • Sad Neighbor

    I was at the piano yesterday…only a few of us played and the people that were around seemed underwhelmed.
    How about let’s all making a time to meet …let’s say Friday night around 6:30-6:45. A good crowd and different people playing different music would be fun…some jazz, some musicals, some rock…the whole works. I might even try again.
    Also … if there are 88 pianos throughout the city why can’t this be a permanent fixture for the summer???

  • Doug Biviano

    Way to go Lois and Artist Suerte!

    Second pianos as permanent feature in the summer. I would love to post the PS8 kids playing during their field trip the last week of school to show how appreciated and fun the pianos are but don’t think the parents would like that ;-)

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    The Park’s CAC, or whatever should hire LINDA GAIL LEWIS
    for a show at the park…REALLY check out any LGL item on
    You Tube…WOW look at the LGL/Micki Muster combos on
    You Tube AMAZING!!!!!

    C’mon, what would you really prefer, some, I’m brilliant so put up
    with my Maudling, lugubrious music type or…some real I-refuse-to-be down Jerry lee Lewis music from JLL’s actuial SISTER!!!!!

    OK, stop a moment and just key up ANY of her stuff on you tube