Clark Street Promenade Entrance Open

Workers were busy surfacing the area where recently there was a yawning sinkhole as your correspondent ventured out on his mid-day walk. When he returned, barriers to passage had been removed (click on photo to enlarge). Paving blocks have yet to be put in place; they are stacked behind the temporary fence at right. They should be installed early next week.

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  • Jessica


  • AmyinBH

    I think I’ll still wait a while before using that entrance.

  • Mickey

    I agree, Amy. In fact, I have a list of people whom I would like to see test it first. Arch Stanton is high on that list.

  • David on Middagh

    I tested it. Help! Get me out of here!

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Humor aside, I and MANY others with families in the 1 block radius would like to know WHAT is In the engineers reports from the “dig”

    Simply put, what do the various city and state agencies now know about the underpinnings of the promenade and housing above the BQE. What tests were done? What tests were NOT done.
    What was the condition of the support structure which was viewable and most importantly, were the proper tests done.
    How complete are our understanding of the safety of the structures?

    Unless you want to accept the word of the city/state, the real estate “community” and neighborhood “associations”, the full results of inspection actions should be on view somewhere besides city back files and the hidden chambers under the Casino…

    Seriously, it’s the safety of people’s families were talking about here….Even if it takes an RJI you want the facts….

  • Pat Bianculli

    Just watch out for speeding cars!!

  • Arch Stanton

    Mickey, Thanks for thinking so highly of me. Anyway, I just walked it and it held.

  • Required