Work Resumes on Clark Street Sinkhole

“Wow! That’s really deep,” the workers seem to be thinking (click on photo to enlarge). Let’s see how it goes this time.

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    A friend walked by the pit and remarked to me…Well, With the election of Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, the decision was made to move Jimmy Hoffa’s remains to a more secure place…

    But I Still say that this is a newer section of the old Chinatown tunnel complex. And shortly out of the “pit” will come one of
    three things…An unlimited supply of yuan to stabilize our debt
    Two: unlimited supplies of chinese factory goods to stock Century
    21 into the Next century or Three, an unlimited supply of illegal aliens….

    Stand up for the Heights…support our local triad sponsored establishments…

  • Required

    How long until the bulldozer disappears?

  • JAFO

    Who cares? It’s not like Clark Street is a major entrance to the promenade. Right?

  • JAFO

    Sorry, I have a hidden agenda. I love that the Clark Street entry has “no through traffic” because I don’t have to hear the Idiots at 2AM that WOOOP IT UP (most from the dorm). 100000000 times worse than helicopter blade wash.

  • Big Dave

    All that subsurface supporting material had to have gone somewhere. Anybody care to speculate? I think is has something to do with the barred access doors off Furman directly underneath the area. Like, maybe, some old tunnel failed…

  • Josh G

    That’s what she said. Seriously that hole is deep, and right above the 2/3.

  • Steve R

    The answer is easy. It’s an extension of the Atlantic Ave LIRR tunnel, where every now and then a wayward 2/3 will take an unexpected switch and do a mobius loop around the nabe.

  • SimonDrake

    Apparently, there is a huge open chamber down there, and the foundations of the buildings on both sides can be seen. It’s a huge concern for the city and local residents who are currently investigating whether similar open spaces exist all along that block.

  • spm

    I spoke to the engineer this morning and they said it should be finished by next Tuesday.

  • Josh G

    Do we really think it will be finished by next Tuesday? I mean – if that’s the case then HOORAY. Maybe the engineer meant one of the next Tuesdays.. like a Tuesday in October.

  • Andrew Porter

    I continue to be impressed by all the tour buses that park on Clark, and the tourists that walk down the street, only to be stunned by the fact they can’t get to the Promenade that way. It’s been months, and the dumb bus drivers still don’t Get It.

  • GHB

    Not only that, but they’ve finally put signs up showing how to get on to the Promenade @ Pineapple or Pierrepont, and the tourists are still dumbfounded!