Found Near Cadman Plaza: Is This Your Pooch?

BHB reader Matthew Abate sends in this urgent dispatch:

I have taken responsibility for a white male poodle that was found chasing a cyclist in Cadman plaza. It has a broken anti-bark collar, but no tags or information. I have him in my office in DUMBO right now, but I don’t know how long I can keep him. Can you help me out?

If that’s your pooch, or have more information contact Matthew Abate.
UPDATE: The owner has been located! Reunion soon! DEVELOPING….

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  • Ari

    Great job Matthew!

    The dog should be taken a reputable vet or a no-kill shelter to get scanned for a microchip. If he’s got one, the facility can pull up the owner’s contact info.

  • Alti

    I saw that dog this a.m. on my way into the office, walking alone at a fast pace up Clinton Street toward Cadman. You may have saved him from getting hit by a car — he was just popping through intersectiions.

  • Annie A

    As Matthew’s wife, I’m doubling the request that someone help us find the owner! Hopefully there aren’t too many big white poodles in
    the neighborhood and someone can identify him.

    Our poor cat’s already gone through enough with a new baby, I think if we have to bring home a big dog tonight, she’ll go completely catatonic (and I might, too??)…. any leads would be great! Thank you!

  • Henry

    Wow. Humanitarian of the week.
    Re: scanning the chip, you may want to contact:

    Dr. Sara B. Neuman
    Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group
    57 Front St Unit 101
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Office: (718) 797-6875

    This vet is over by Main and Front. They will likely have a chip scanner. You can call and ask.

    The dog looks awfully happy with you, I might add. :)
    A dog this affable and beautiful must be missed by someone.
    One’s gotta hope.

    Also upon looking at the “gallery” for Hillside dog park, there are a few dogs that resemble this dog:

  • Henry

    @ Annie:
    You may also want to contact the owner at Perfect Paws on Hicks Street. If the dog is local, he may get groomed at Perfect Paws and the people there may have contact info. Perhaps you can email them a photo or direct them to Bklyn Heights Blog.
    They might also post a photo and someone there might know the dog.

    (718) 852-6200

  • Alec

    For the record, I was chasing the dog, not the other way around. Thank you Matt for taking him to your office – hopefully a happy reunion is right around the corner.
    -Alec the biker

  • Andrea

    Owner just found – Yipee!!

  • Alec


  • Van

    Happy an owner was found. And you did a wonderful good deed today!

  • Annie A

    THANK YOU everyone, for all the good tips! The dog is home, safe & sound.

  • sunshinebk

    very happy the owner was found. How did the dog get loose though?

  • lucia

    thank you everyone for reading this, sharing this & helping out.

    oliver is safe at home & has an appt to get chipped on thursday. i left him home when i went for a jog this morning around 7:45am, i thought it was too warm for him, he does normally jog with me in the mornings. he had other plans. he opened the window i had left open just a bit, ripped through the screen and wiggled through the window security bars, i am on the 1st floor. he had been swimming last night and his collar was wet so he only had the bark collar on–no battery in the bark collar–he just doesn’t bark when he has that collar on. that collar had no tags. i really appreciate the guys who grabbed him and brought him to the vet. the people at MONSTER MUTT saw his pic on this Brooklyn Heights blog and since i had called almost every vet, day care & groomer and emailed over his pic someone spotted him and Monster Mutt called me with the update. after the chip goes in we are starting with a trainer to help train out his obvious separation anxiety. thank you all again.

  • sunshinebk

    : ) again SO happy he was found !!!!!! it’s always good to know that there are good caring people out there

  • Michael

    Great job to BHB and all those involved!!! Glad Oliver is home.

  • AEB

    lucia, so happy Oliver was found. Also an object (and subject) lesson in the power of the electronic press.

  • val

    Great story! Love a happy ending.

  • rachel

    so glad this story had a happy ending!!!!

  • north heights res

    Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition also posted about this on their Facebook page…props to them for the good work they do for all the animals in the neighborhood and beyond.

    And very glad for the happy ending on this…

  • Kathleen McGurty-Weiser

    Hi, I am a volunteer who matches lost and found dogs and reunites them with their owners. I saw this posting on CL and this forum seems like a great place to put this out.

    Dog looks awfully alot like the dog that was just reunited with his owners from Cadman Plaza.

    Let me know what you all think?

  • lucia

    kathleen–what is the status of the poodle you found? please let me know if you need any help with him.