Romeo and Juliet Cast Announced

Theater 2020 has announced the cast for its novel production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to be staged in July (for performance dates and times, see here). In the photo (double click on it to enlarge) they are: front (L-R) Kareem M.Lucas, Apothecary (puppet), Nicholas Pollifrone; middle (L-R) Brandie Moore, Poonam Basu, Vandit Bhatt, Sampsona (puppet), Lynn Marie Macy; back (L-R) Marc Andrew Hem Lee, Abraham (puppet), The Prince (puppet), Justin Bennett.

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Once again, aside from any question of artistic value, the question remains why is this production being presented in
    a Catholic facility.

    This DOES matter because the moment the Church, under the now well recognized influence of modernists, began its pursuit of “inclusion” and ecumenical values” all classic one-world goals, attendance and every indication of vitality in the church went into sharp decline. Catholic culture is indeed rich. It nurtures the faith-
    ful and benefits the world at large. Even cultures with centuries long histories of hostility to the Church and Christianity in general. Such as the two “cultures” being presented here..

    This production simply does NOT belong in a Catholic facility.

    To better understand the reasons for the above, I suggest the following information sources:,, and

  • David Fuller

    I suggest you attend a service at the wonderful St. Charles Borromeo Church, where the people are warm and welcoming and the leadership forward-thinking and inspiring. FYI, this church is NOT in decline. I firmly believe that in the 21st Century, where we are increasingly becoming one world, universal tolerance and understanding is paramount. More than one prophet in more than one religion spoke of the importance of love in all its manifestations.

  • Quinn Raymond

    I live around the corner from this church, and I’m glad they’re doing this. It seems like a good inter-faith and cultural project.

    Also I clicked on the links that Jeffrey Smith provided and was appalled. He seems to be exactly the kind of fanatic who could use some help in this area. He reminds me of Modi in India, or al-Awlaki in Yemen.

    Typical medieval mindset in a modern world. Especially ironic given the point of this play. Very sad, but not surprising that people like this still exist in our community.

  • Princess

    Thank you so much Quinn Raymond for your comments! I am so sad when people are not open to reaching out. Jesus actually taught people to “love thy neighbor as thyself” and this is classic SHAKESPEARE!!! The same play that been cherished for hundreds of years. The church is a beautiful and perfect setting for his play. The cast is young and vibrant and deeply respectful. The Saint Charles congregation has been so warm and loving. Just what Jesus taught! :)

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I very rarely directly answer other posts. First of all it’s like ans-
    wering a child or person with a (genuine) DSM code. Second it’s often trying to reason with someone who being intentionally rude. But given these responses, I will make comment.

    Re: Mr. Fuller: I don’t know how old you are, but I can remember St Charles on Sunday in the 1950’s and early 1960’s when EVERY seat in ALL Sunday masses was taken. Of course, this was PRIOR to the “changes” in the church of Vatican 2 in 1964. No matter what your present impression may be, Church attendance has slipped something like 50-70%, or more. The basic statistics for attendance and adjusted church income are appalling. If everything is fine at St Charles how come the school was just sold to The Quakers?.

    Re: “Quinn” Raymond: I will not engage in personal insults. But why in the world would anyone find me a “fanatic” . I am exactly the same Catholic I was at confirmation. I follow the very same
    Catholic teachings that I was instructed. I am exactly the same as MILLIONS of Catholics world wide. I follow the teachings of 2000 years. Oh I see, someone has reservations about the directions
    of the last 40 so years? So I’m a “medieval”? You appear to be an advanced student of epistemology, but tell me this; Why is it that the Church is in clear decline…EXCEPT for celebrations of genuine Tridentine Latin Masses, Which are BOTH valid and licit. Every such Mass in the widespread locations they are celebrated in is PACKED. Are ALL of these people disordered in their thinking or disorderly in the faith?

    A rock sits by a riverside near a high waterfall. Along the river comes a group of people in a raft They shout to the rock to join them, and then they shout insults when the rock refuses to move. (They Also shout that the rock has some kind of pathology in that he cannot or refuses to move.)

    Seconds later the raft and all aboard go over the falls.

  • John O’Malley

    Why not. Isn’t Church about being part of the community? St. Charles is a beautiful facility and I applaud the leadership in trying new artistic events to bring people in to share this gem of a building.

  • David Fuller

    If you follow the reasoning of some thinkers, looking to the past for evidence of the downfall of the church, regardless of denomination, is easy. A larger percentage of the population across the board used to go to church, with the possible exception of those areas where the church is still a focus for secular and non-secular activity, primarlity in non-urban settings. The challenge to keep vital in a multi-media age of enlightenment remains for 21st Century religious institutions. A broadening of scope and perspective should be applauded; traditions can still be respected. Staunch conservatists won’t be swayed and there should be a place for them, absolutely. However, now is the time for broad minded forward thinking.

  • yorick

    I just want to point out that Shakespeare would probably be tickled that this exchange was prompted by the performance of one of his plays! :)

  • malanga es malanga

    Hmmm, this whole debate sounds mighty familiar. Perhaps Jeffrey and Hutton Gibson compare notes time to time.

  • Claude Scales
  • Princess

    I feel it is important to point out that Theater 2020’s “Romeo & Juliet” cast are professional American actors of varying spiritual beliefs…including Christian, who are “portraying” Muslim’s and Hindu’s. We cast our artists on talent, and not personal background.

  • Arch Stanton

    @ Jeffery J. Smith, you forgot to mention the third and main reason you “very rarely directly answer other posts”. You don’t have any credible answers.

  • Michael

    I agree with Jeffrey Smith. Time tested truths become what is known as “common sense.” Timeless Catholic truths conquered various cultures and distant lands as the Church’s true mission is to SAVE SOULS, something modern man gives little consideration of.

    @ David Fuller – universal tolerance is not a 2 way street. As GK Chesterton once wrote “an open mind, like an open mouth, must eventually CLOSE upon something.” With our God given reason, we must use our intellects to decide upon the TRUTH of things contemplated.

    @ Quinn Raymond – interfaith movements and cultural exchanges are part and parcel of modern life. But be on guard to place Western civilization on PAR with often inferior civilization. Modern conveniences were invented by White man for the betterment of all races (printing press, medicine, telephone, etc.). We need not be ashamed of this.

  • Michael

    Oops, typo. Be on guard NOT to place Western civilization on a par with demonstrably inferior ones.

  • David Fuller

    @Michael – your thesis is not supported by your examples, nor by various prophets – the important thing is Love.

  • Heather

    Interfaith, tolerance, ecumenism? Translation: The Catholics have to suck it up and show respect for every religion but their own.

    I guess it is medieval to be upset to see a sanctuary defiled with a secular play? Who the heck authorized this? It is surely a violation of the GIRM. And you bet your buns you’d never see this mess performed inside a mosque.

  • malanga es malanga

    Ah yes, ethnocentrism at its finest. I wish that I could recognize my neighbors in some of these posts, but their faces seem to be shrouded by the white hoods.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Humanity will never evolve to the benevolence most religions profess until the belief in organized religion is forgotten.

  • Regina

    malanga, Next the’ll be burning crosses in the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  • Heather

    No Regina, crosses aren’t allowed in public places out of respect for other faiths. But a crescent moon, Buddha, star of David and any Hindu god should be no problem.

  • Yorick

    Well, praise the Lord and pass the Bard!

  • Eddyenergizer