Sorry, Your Services Are No Longer Required Mr. Tree

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  • my2cents

    [insert outraged green comment here]

  • AEB

    One can xpect xmas detrius to be a grim reality for several weeks to come.

    But I’d rather see it on the way out than hanging (in every sense) on. Hear that, dear neighbors who keep Christmas decor going well into January?

  • GHB

    Who cares how long the neighbors keep out their decorations? It adds a little color to the neighborhood during this rather grey period. And I’m Jewish…

  • Brooklynite

    Here’s a little insight on why some people keep up their Christmas decorations into January. Reminds me of a song “12 days of Christmas”

  • Jo

    I like when people cut up the trees and put the small pieces (branches) onto their small front grassy areas/gardens. It looks nice, may be good for the soil(??), and is better than putting it in the garbage.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’m amazed at people who put their Christmas decorations in the trash the day after Christmas. Couldn’t they wait until January 1st or so?

    I like my Christmas lights, and I’m nominally Jewish myself. Last year I took them down in March (though I didn’t have them on every night). I’m not looking forward to the two dreary months of depressing Winter, until Spring. Because of the buildings across the street, I won’t have sunlight coming back to my place until the end of January. Doom, gloom…

  • bornhere

    I used to be stunned by the trees up right after Thanksgiving and down before the Cardinal would urge everyone to go in peace; but then, at least to make sense of it, I decided that the early-up/early-down trees might belong to people who have vacation plans that take them over the river and through the woods but who still want a little Christmas at home. Or not….

  • anchor

    and in many traditions – i can speak personally for puerto rico’s – there is a large celebration to mark the epiphany, or three king’s day, on 1/6.

  • Brooklynite

    that is what i was referring to anchor in my previous post :-)

  • ABC

    never take the tree down until Jan 6th (easier in my old life when I didn’t leave for a week over dec 25th and come home to a dry tree)

  • AEB

    Not EXACTLY relevant, but of interest: according to the Farmers Almanac site, the days now grow longer by about a minute per day and an hour per month.

    So, presumably, one’s need for holiday decor of the flossy light-up kind should decrease concomitantly…..

  • Andrew Porter

    Okay, AEB, I’ll seriously think about taking down my blinking lights when the sun comes back to my place — which is usually by January 25th. How did you know that I’d named my lights Flossy, btw?