Yassky Starts Pro-Permit Parking Facebook Group

No, the above is not a headline from The Onion.  Our man in the City Council, David Yassky, is rallying support for permit parking via a Facebook group.  The group’s description:

I am tired of non-residents taking all the parking spaces in my neighborhood, making it impossible for residents to find a place to park. No one should use my block as a parking lot to go somewhere else.I support the efforts of David Yassky and other local elected officials to bring a residential permit parking system to Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, and I want the Mayor and the Department of Transportation to get on board!

However while not THE David Yassky,  we found ourselves more taken with the sound advice this Facebook group offers: DAVID YASSKY SHOULD STOP SINGING STROKES SONGS AND SHOULD LISTEN 2 YUNG JOC.

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    First world problems.

  • Heights Neighbor

    That’s all we need is more permits to add to the doctors who park illegally, fraudulent permit holders and the inordinate number of disabled people who park illegally on my block.

    Considering how the current permits/placards are distributed, I don’t know why we would think these permits would be any different.

  • my2cents

    Can someone explain that old, rusty light blue cadillac that is always parked in exactly the same spot at clark and hicks? I saw someone moving it once, but I am sort of mystified as to its existence and ability to be perpetually parked in the same place.

  • Nancy

    There are things we could use more of in the Heights but parking tickets are not one of them. Why would I want to get a parking ticket when I rent a car? Or have my Zip car parked in front of my building? Or have a friend visit me from out of town? If we want to be onerous we can say that before you get your resident permit, you need to prove that your family bloodlines are “Brooklyn Heights material”. In fact, lets just say that unless you own a brownstone on Columbia Heights or Garden Place, you don’t get a permit.

  • my2cents

    Go and visit Cambridge Mass. if you want to find out how Sh*tty permits are. We really don’t need them. It is another unneeded aggravation for everyone, frankly, and only encourages more car use in our area. Why doesn’t Yassky promote commuter bikes instead? They fold up when desired just like he does!

  • Jonathan

    Parking permits are not anti-urban. The idea that the right to drive and park anywhere you want is critical to your life-style is anti-urban. Other cities (Boston, Toronto, and Berkeley that I know of) have managed very well with parking permits. Brownstone Brooklyn is inundated with cars parked here by people who don’t want to pay for parking in Manhattan so park for free here. Vehicle registration works, and so will this. And it will be especially important when the bridges are tolled.

  • me

    I agree with Jonathan. So many non-residents park in this neighborhood and spend time causing traffic while circling trying to find spots. I hope permits will decrease this. Why shouldnt residents get priority in their own neighborhood? pretty unfortunate and typical that so many have to turn this in to a nasty class war.

  • my2cents

    Is there actual statistical evidence that there is a huge problem with non BH people parking here? I really doubt that. I am a car nut and have an excellent memory for cars (but sadly don’t own one). And i see the same specific ones around at night as I do in the morning. It is also (in my car-borrowing experience) hardest to try and find a spot at night here. I doubt that our nabe is full of cars at night due to outsiders. If someone has actual evidence to prove me wong, please provide it. I think the main problem is that there are a lot of people in our neighborhood who have cars they don’t really need. Same with Park Slope. How often do i hear people on this blog lamenting that they have to “drive over to Fairway” to shop?? Who are you people? where do you park? It is comical to me that you’d spend about 2 grand a year insuring a car so you can save on organic produce.

  • ABC

    I’m with Jonathan.

    And yes, my2cents, this neighborhood has a really high percentage of “non BH people”. There have been studies — I’ve linked to them on this blog before. Try a search.

  • bornhere

    I got my first car in 1974 or 1975. At the time, I lived in the North Heights, and, after about 2 months of doing the sitting-in-the-car-until-8-AM thing/rushing home to get a 6 PM spot, I started renting at Cadman garage for $69/month (fact), second level, single, assigned spot. So 30+ years ago, parking here was already nuts (true, the North Heights has the unique issue of the Watchtower crowd); but if our parking problem is really due to “outsiders,” rather than those of us who live here and have cars (where I live now, south of Montague, there is a garage), one would think that weekend, on-street parking would be a relative breeze. It’s not — even in the summer, when the second-home crowd bails out of the hood. I am not sparring with those who maintain there is documentation regarding “outsider parking”: I’m just suggesting that our small neighborhood and large-ish population makes for significant parking problems, even without extra cars.

  • epc

    The last time this came up (maybe 2007? 2006?) I did a quick census of cars parked on Clark, Pineapple, Orange and Cranberry. Fully 40% of the cars had non-NY state plates, with PA being the top state as I recall, followed by NJ. I wanted to do a followup and track which cars are parked in BH more than 30 days (under NYS law, you have 30 days to register a vehicle in the state if you live in the state) but didn’t get a chance.

  • pete

    we don’t own the parking on our street. First come 1st served. If one of us that owns a car and drives to another neighborhood -do we want to not be able to park there?
    Sounds do me like another hassle, idea of bossy do-gooders who only make life more complicated.
    ANyway – I’d never vote for Yassky again after the term-limit

  • Sasha

    They did a study, 2 years ago or so. Something like 70% of BH residents had cars, and that is the root of the parking problem. They are thousands of cars owned by local residents, and about 1,000 spots (if that much.) Tearing down garages to make condos is not helping. And though I don’t support parking permits, I do think out of state license plates should not be allowed to park overnight on city streets during the week. I know tons of people who keep their out of state plates to save on insurance etc., and they should be spending their “saved” money on garage spots, not local residents who pay an insane amount to own a car in the city.

  • Beavis

    Got news for you people. The public streets are public. That’s why they are called public streets. That means people from PA, NJ, and heaven forbid Quebec with those brazen French license plates can park anywhere it’s legal.

    You don’t like it? Buy a house in the country with your own private driveway.

  • Paul J. Banks

    I can’t tell you the number of hospital employees, who drive to work and not only park in this neighborhood, but are honking their horns at 6 a.m. and throwing their trash on our streets. It’s horrendous. Just please include more nabes than just the Heights (like Cobble Hill) or it won’t work.