Get Hammered While Your Nails Get Done

Sign in window of Dashing Diva, Montague Street.

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  • AEB

    I must say I find this shocking. Not so much for the invitation to imbibe per se, but for the flagrant, gimmicky hucksterism of it all.

    Lord–what’s next? Depiliation and downers? Dental prophylaxis and crystal meth?

    And in our very own, very innocent nabe! On a street dedicated of blinding conventionality!


  • my2cents

    Phew! For a second I thought that was a sign at Dimples Kid Spa!

  • MHON

    That sounds fun — getting your nails did while sipping on cosmos. I think it’s a bold and brilliant marketing idea.

  • Hawk

    You get one cosmo with a mani or pedi, this is shocking to you, get a life.

  • FeiFei

    It is fun! Well, at least at Beauty Bar in Manhattan it’s fun, but they’re a bar first, with a Beauty theme. Not sure how it would pan out here.

  • AEB

    (Hawk, why not give facetiousness a whirl? It’s fun! And good for you, too!)

  • Brooklynite

    they have always had this deal. the dashing diva on smith street also offers the same “happy hour”. i’m pretty sure there are also some hair salons out there that offer wine and not just water, tea or coffee. don’t really get what the big deal.

  • nancy

    For what they chrage, they should give you a pitcher!!

  • Just a Neighbor

    Didn’t know they had a liquor license..or is one not needed?

    I don’t know..there’s just something a little unsanitary about all of that. Maybe I’m being squeamish but thinking about the same women who wear face covers to put on fake nails making cosmos in the same shift just unnerves me a bit.

  • Hawk

    AEB, ahhhh well played

  • JGM

    Finally a new bar on Montague…seems like the ratio should be pretty good as well!