Lhota to Resign from MTA, Run for Mayor

We previously noted speculation that MTA Chair and Brooklyn Heights resident Joseph Lhota might leave his post to pursue the mayoralty. Now The New York Times reports that people “with direct knowledge of his plans” say he intends to resign from the MTA Friday to pursue the Republican nomination for Mayor.

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  • James


  • Ghost’s Ghost’s Cat

    He just wants to get on the BHB end of year list.

  • Wiley E.

    No term-4 for Mikey.

  • http://BHB Paul Bucci

    Lhota did a lousy job running the MTA, and now he wants to run the city?
    Not on my watch!

  • DIBS

    Wasn’t there a recent video of this guy berating another employee in a board meeting??? Very nasty.

  • resident

    I think he did an excellent job managing the MTA recovery from Sandy. But I’m not sure how that alone would qualify him to be mayor.

  • Heightster

    He isn’t qualified to be mayor, but Christine Quinn is!

  • bronxkid

    Resident is right. If he managed to turn the whole MTA system around, clean it up, keep fares at reasonable levels, have fewer delays, etc for a few years, then he’d have a track record to run on. Now, just an other opportunist!

  • Gerry

    Lhota would be an excellent mayor and Chrtsine Quinn would not.

  • Mr. Crusty

    @Paul Bucci: Lhota did a lousy job running the MTA, and now he wants to run the city? Not on my watch!

    You have a watch?

  • pssnyc

    Lhota would be a terrible mayor. Look how long it’s taking to get the R back on line. Oh, and the fares are going up again. Oh, and he’ll bring Giuliani back into our lives, God forbid.

  • Jorale-man

    Well, this is all premature. He hasn’t been really vetted to any large degree and who knows where he stands on more ideological issues. I’m all for a technocrat but we need a fuller picture of his experience and views.

    And to echo other commenters, the NYC subways are hardly a model of a modern, 21st-century system. It’s really like entering a third-world country down there.

  • DIBS

    When is the MTA contract up again? he probably doesn’t want to be there when that happens. NO MORE FOR THE MTA UNION.

  • Bartmann

    He is in charge of the worst, most disgusting, most antiquated, and dilapidated subway system in the First World. He has done nothing to reduce labor costs. My subway travels are the worst part of the day. He is an excellent counterexample of what not do do as a leader.