MTA Chief & Brooklyn Heights Resident Joseph Lhota for Mayor?

WCBS 880 speculates today that in light of the herculean efforts on the part of the MTA to restore service post-Sandy, MTA chief/Brooklyn Heights resident Joseph Lhota maybe be a good candidate for NYC Mayor in the next election:

WCBS880: “There’s no question that Joe Lhota would be an interesting candidate, could be a threat. Why? He’s done a terrific job of getting the subway system, the bus system and the regional commuter rails running again after Hurricane Sandy and it’s something you could really run with,” Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf told WCBS 880′s Rich Lamb.

Sheinkopf cautioned that the path may be a bit more difficult for Lhota, should he choose to jump into the race, because of the demographic make-up of New York City.

“Generally, it’s very difficult because of the registration edge for Democrats to be defeated in mayoral elections. But we haven’t had a Democrat elected to the top office in 20 years, so anything can happen,” Sheinkopf said.

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  • Jorale-man

    That seems like a leap of logic. Yes, the agency seems to have done a remarkable job of getting the system back up and running after the hurricane, which is a testament to his managerial skills. But to run a city like you NY requires a lot of other strengths. The subway system is still pretty dysfunctional is the larger scheme of things too. Granted, it’s perpetually underfunded, but it feels premature to say he’s turned it all around.

  • Henry

    Is this the Peter Principle at work? Take someone who excels in his/her position and move them up to another with position requiring a completely different skill set and voila, you have a dysfunctional organization!

  • Staten

    Absolutely the Peter Principal at work. Secondly, the damage impacting MTA wasn’t equal to damage impacting other infrastructure, therefore, a comparison of recovery is not logical.

  • Booboobear

    This is a great idea.
    He was a deputy mayor and is on the cuny board. This man can get things done-not just talk. Which of the present Democaratic candidates would be better? Chris Quinn who sits in the Mayors lap and does his bidding?

  • Jo

    Have long hoped the next mayor would be John Liu, but that seems unlikely because of the campaign contribution investigation.

  • Gerry

    @ Jo – John Liu will never be mayor forget that one.

    i have knows Joe Lohota for years he is a great guy and would be an asset to NYC his education and mangerial skills are outstanding he can do the job.

  • HenryLoL

    Could be good, not sure… He worked for the Dolan’s and they are SO shady. And the MTA is a mess that is not getting fixed (I’m talking in general, not storm mess).

  • Jorale-man

    Slightly off-topic but I was just in Boston over the weekend and rode their T several times. It was a big step up from NYC Transit, in terms of cleanliness, condition of the trains and stations, overall riding experience. Granted, their system doesn’t serve their city as extensively as NYC’s subways but still, the MTA could learn a few things…

  • DIBS

    Wasn’t there a recent video of Lhota being a real jerk in one of the MTA borad meetings???

  • Gerry

    @ DIBS – no there is no video of Lhota being a real jerk or a fake jerk at any MTA meetings this guy is a gift to humanity and never steps our of line

  • pssnyc

    So where is the R service?