Open Thread Wednesday 12/19/12

Good Wednesday to you and welcome to the next to last weekly Open Thread of 2012. What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • C.

    Anyone else notice B&B Empire is now “Bagel Cafe”? Points for originality.

  • Homer Fink
  • GHB

    I read the holiday tipping guide. It’s absolutely worthless. $20-$80 for the super? $15 for the doorman? Are you kidding me?

  • AmyinBH

    I did notice the new name Bagel Cafe. I also noticed since the name change and re-opening there are many more people in there on Saturdays. Interesting.

  • Cassie VonMontague

    Does the former B&B Empire still sell Montreal-style bagels? I’ve never had one.

  • DIBS

    When I lived in a high rise condo in Manhattan, 4 doormen and super each got $100.

  • JasonD

    Anyone know when Red Gravy is opening? Walked by this morning, looked just about ready to go. Already have drink specials chalked up on the wall!

  • DIBS

    They said they were opening last Friday. They are closed Mondays & Tuesdays as I tried to make a res

  • harumph

    I finally tried Anna Sushi and was surprised that it was quite good – a fluke or is this the real deal?

  • DIBS

    Is that the one nexy door??? Nice pun with the fluke.I hope for my sake it was a pun.

  • C.

    @ Cassie:

    No more Montreal bagels. It’s a shame really because B&B’s bagels got really good just before they closed. It was my preferred bagel by far in the heights. Seems impossible to get a good bagel in this neighborhood anymore. Tried the new place Bagel Cafe and it was decent but did not have the flavor of B&B. There’s a ton of seating space in there though, and the set up is nice. New staff seems professional and it seems to run far smoother than B&B ever did. I think it will do well there, that is if the health department doesn’t rip this place apart like they did B&B. Also they deliver, so so long Montague St. Bagels.

  • C.

    @ harumph:

    You should try Ganso on Bond off Fulton Mall. Really good and surprised not many people know about it yet.

  • dick caveat

    Has anyone else noticed the portions at Park Place Diner have gotten considerably smaller since reopening?

  • lori

    I think everything at Park Plaza Diner has gotten worse since re-opening.

  • Knight

    @dick: Yes, the amount of fries that come with a burger deluxe at Park Plaza is noticeable smaller. But this does not upset me because I could never finish the larger portion anyway!

  • GHB

    We eat too much in this country anyway

  • Gerry

    @ GHB – true we do eat too much.

  • Faith

    Help please! There is a cat who belongs to my building’s live-in super. The cat is pretty much left to his own devices – the super lets the cat out of his apartment & lets him wander about the neighborhood/building. (He does have a tag with his name & phone number on him) Sometimes the cat is left sleeping in the lobby without food or water (even in the dead of summer!) for several days at a time. I have noticed that the cat now has a very noticeable growth/injury to his lower lip – it looks pretty awful – his lip is really swollen & discolored on one side. It has been this way for at least a week. I don’t think the super/his owner has given him any medical attention whatsoever. Since the cat does not belong to me, I don’t think I have the right to just pick the cat up and take it to the vet – I would call the ASPCA, but since the cat comes and goes, I can’t guarantee that if they show up, the cat will be there for them to examine. Does anyone have any advice (within the law please) as to what can be done to help the cat? Thanks in advance.

  • eg

    The town house next door to me on Pierrepont Street has allowed a front hedge to grow without ever being trimmed It is now about a yard or more over the sidewalk. Whenever I see an owner (condo) and point it out to them, they promise to contact the caretaker, but nothing gets done.

    It is a evergreen and I’m talking about 25 years of growth. How do I get them to trim back 3 feet of growth hanging over the sidewalk?

  • harumph

    I live on Pierrepont and, as I walk that street each and everyday, I don’t see an evergreen hedge that is 3 feet over the sidewalk. If it is really that bad (which I’m kind of doubting), with little room for pedestrians to walk, then I think it is a city problem.

  • DIBS

    Have you spoken with the Suoer about it, Faith??????

  • DIBS


  • GHB

    @eg… 3 feet is a bit of an exaggeration, but I know exactly what you’re talking about. Have you considered a late night chainsaw visit?

  • harumph

    @GHB – between what streets?

  • WillowNabe

    The Super is the person you ought to be asking about this.
    It would upset me greatly if I lived in a building and had to
    witness the abuse of an animal, cat or dog, who had a neglectful owner. How do you know that the cat went without food or water for several days?

  • The Where

    OMG is it BEEBOP?

  • Faith

    I’m sorry – I forgot to mention that the Super can drink quite heavily and, although he is technically a “live-in” Super, he has another home in Queens where his wife/family lives & seems to spend most of his time. (I know this because he has a car that he parks directly outside the building & regularly moves for alternate side of the street parking on Tuesdays – his car is usually gone all weekend & only returns on Mondays/during the week) He also has a very limited grasp of English & I have had serious difficulties communicating just simple things like “the sink is dripping” – and have had to call the management office to “translate” messages to him. The cat can be in the lobby for days (mostly weekends) – I started leaving water & some tuna for it after I noticed he didn’t seem to have anything to eat or drink. (no water dish or food dish left out – the lobby area is very small – you would notice if these were left around for the cat) My first thought was to leave the super an anonymous note saying that I thought his cat needs immediate medical attention – but I was afraid he might not fully understand…

  • Gerry

    The Newtown, CT shootings of small children by a disturbed young man has me questioning the safety of any child?

    We had been looking at homes in Fairfield County, Westport, Fairfield and the area thinking that our children would be safe in a house with a yard, school down the road away from harm.

    It appears no such place exists.

    The 20 young children, the mom of Adam Lanza, Adam Lanza, teachers, etc. these deaths leave us stunned.

  • Moni

    Interesting, Gerry, that you’re the only one with Newtown on your mind. Makes you think about the City vs. Suburb or Rural upbringing; how mass murderers are usually white unsocialized misfits. How in the city you run the slight risk of your kid catching a stray bullet from a gang rumble in the nabe — or downtown Bklyn in our case. Not likely they’ll be mowed down in school or at a movie by a Bushmaster. Not so far, anyway. Let’s hope Obama can keep the anti-NRA sentiment going..

  • GHB

    @harumph It’s near Willow Street