Squadron Skates to Victory for Third Term in NY State Senate

It seems like only yesterday he was some punk “kid” challenging seemingly well ensconced 30 year incumbent Martin “Marty” Connor for the NYS Senate seat representing the 25th district. Last night Sen. Daniel Squadron trounced his GOP challenger Jacqueline Haro (who we literally cannot find one lick of info about):

Daniel Squadron (I) Dem 60,185 86.44%
Jacqueline Haro GOP 9,441 13.56%

Squadron posted this dispatch on Facebook after the victory: “I’m proud and grateful for the opportunity to continue representing our incredible district.”

(Graphic above from BHB’s coverage of the 2008 race)

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  • sue

    this is the man who made the deal with his patron mayor mike to put housing on the waterfront… even after some said it was in a flood zone.. he takes care of himself …. what about the citizens he is supposed to represent.

  • Wiley E.

    How did Joan Millman do?

  • David G.

    Word on the street is that he’s possibly running for either Public Advocate or Borough President. Thankfully, he’s one of the good guys.

  • sue

    if you think Dan Squadron is one of the good guys you don’t know him… Ask those who know him

  • John

    One of the good guys? Got to be kidding. He is a punk.14% for someone no one even knows? That says a lot. He promised to eliminate housing inside the park – he lied and now supports it. Said he would fight a Charter School taking over classrooms in a public HS in Boerum Hill, then went silent (a political crony is running the school) didn’t even write the much promised letter of protest. He is now a big supporter of housing along the polluted Gowanus. So much for loving his constituents. Squadron loves squadron. That is about it.

  • Wrennie

    I have to say that when I checked out my sample ballot online a few days before the election, it was pretty hard to research any of the candidates, especially the Republicans. Some didn’t have websites at all, and others, like Wendy Long, had pretty useless and uninformative websites. This was probably my favorite effort: http://johnmangelliforsenate.com/

  • Quinn Raymond

    Squadron has been fantastic. Nice to see him win by such a wide margin in the midst of all the Hurricane Sandy work he’s been doing. Glad he represents us.

  • sue

    He is a fantastic self promoter. Its all about Him all the time. He also lies

  • Dudeface

    Surprised by the margin of victory. But not the polarized responses. Good luck finding a politician that isn’t a self promoter. Funny thing is: those folks never seem to win. In any event, I doubt he is actively manipulating the truth as an agenda. Politicians and folks in leadership have to make a strong statement on any two sided issue. Seems to me he rushes into his decisions before really knowing about it and then has to back out of his original stance when the facts are finally in. My guess is that he probably jumped on the no-housing issue before the facts were in. I don’t mind the idea of housing in the park. But maybe I’m not a citizen because I don’t mind it?

  • Quinn Raymond

    There are people in other parts of the district that are still without power and heat right now. Lots of elderly people in housing projects.

    He’s trying to help them every day.

    And you guys are focused on this other stuff. It makes me sad.

  • Wiley E.

    Isn’t former NY State Senator, Martin Conner, like one of the people in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, behind the curtain, pulling the levers for the Brooklyn Bridge Park? Or am I mistaken?

  • David on Middagh