Pizzaman Caught on Tape Vandalizing Elevator

The Brooklyn Paper reports that a pizza delivery man has been caught on tape vandalizing an elevator at 59 Livingston Street.  The building’s landlord and the pizza store owner are due in court soon:

Brooklyn Paper: Camera Catches…: Mama mia! A saucy Papa John’s deliveryman sliced up a Brooklyn Heights elevator like it was piping hot pie, but little did he know that a security camera recorded every last scratch.

And now the owner of the Livingston Street building is biting back, suing the franchise for $3,200 — the cost, he says, of removing the “Dizzy CFM” tag that the ditzy doughboy scratched into the car’s wood paneling.

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  • GHB

    Doesn’t this really piss you off? We have delivery guys in our elevators all the time who think that it’s OK to spit. Just hock a loogie on the floor. @%$#&! animals!

  • me


  • Just a Neighbor

    Damn, that’s the delivery men? I thought that saliva was from the dogs in my building.

  • Claude Scales


  • Andrew Porter

    59 Livingston has spent a lot of time upgrading the building — I knew someone who lived there back when it was a rather plain building — and to think that someone allowed in to deliver for a local business thinks it’s okay to deface the wood of an elevator is just rotten. It’s not like a marker where you can erase the offending words or image. With wood, you have to replace a panel, or maybe even the entire wall on that side. At least with this image it’s not one person’s word against someone else. The owner of the pizza place refuses to take responsibility. The court case should be short and sweet.

  • hoppy

    This clearly looks like an independent criminal act committed outside the scope of employment. I can’t see how Papa John’s is legally responsible unless they hired this guy or kept him on the payroll with knowledge that he liked to deface elevators.

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